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nl2 fr raise flop bet from BB donk

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  • nl2 fr raise flop bet from BB donk

    ok i steal the blinds here with QKo, the BB calls and donks, the donk bets tilt me a wee bit but not too much, anyway the flop possibley hit there donk range, i dont think they will donk a flush draw but not sure, anyway i have a gutshot and 2 overs, i decide to raise there donk, there a thinking player TAGGY sort so i think they will fold, but they call, .... not sure the 10 on turn, they check, when somone does this to me and there are 2 flush cards out i think they cant have a trip tens coz they would bet to protect from flush, so i barrel it, is this ok,?..
    .. they call and im a bit lost but hit one of my overs and check as i have ok showdown value.!...
    ... so basically in the first place should i just fold on flop to their donk, or what would you do? with a gutshot and 2 overs to a donk bet, ?.

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    I think you can take a card off on the flop but I am never raising, this wet board smacks his preflop calling range hard. Many times this donk bet is some kind of 1 pair hand or draw (or combo there of) and this board provides a lot of that. The problem with raising is he's never folding any of it and you're setting yourself up to get taken off a gut shot to the nuts if you get 3b. Also really don't like the turn barrel, again the turn card is terrible for you as a lot of his flop bet/calling range does in fact include top pair and that just improved. Also even if the ten doesn't improve him, it's not a scary card to the rest of his range either, so you're basically bluffing in a spot that seems really unlikely to succeed and again sets you up to be raised off your equity in this pot.
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      yeah it didnt feel rite at time, thast why i put it here to make sure i was a bit wrong in playing it this way on that flop!



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