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nl2 fr squeeze AKo from bb

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  • nl2 fr squeeze AKo from bb

    good morning..
    im in the BB, villain who is stealing blinds quite a bit calls a raise from a nit in cutoff, i have AKo in BB and go for squeeze, first off all whats the correct amount to squeeze with here, i think the standard 3 bet *3 i do, is not enuff so i make it *4, but cant mind what is a good size.?...
    ....secondly the kinda loose guy calls, not sure if loose, just seemed he only knew to steal blibds, anyway i cotninue my squeeze on 5105r, kinda misses a hand he would call that with although he could have a hand like QQ or JJ or even KK he could also have worse, ok to continue here on any flop,(im representing AA) or what flops wouldnt you cotninue if any ? thats what gets me a bit coz i think u should always continue, any flop?..

    can i just point out the reason im asking alot of questions where iv not been beting flop and then i am beting flop, is i used to just bet all flops that i had raised, but felt i was staritn to get check raised and raised alot, it was working for me but it cant be that easy just raising and beting flop 100% nearly, so im just trying out difrent things.
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    Continuation betting the flop 100% of the time is a pretty huge leak that's easily exploitable, so it's good that you're looking at this more.

    I think in this hand you should be c-betting. If he gives up his speculations and misses that's fine, we've already bloated the pot significantly with our preflop action. Most of his calling range will be pocket pairs that are hoping you have AK and shut down, so I would be prepared to barrel the turn here as well to get him to release hands like 88. If you think he just won't release those to blank turns, then you'll have to give up rather than barrel off money on blanks, but can barrel again on a J, Q, K, or A (for value with the A and K and with increased fold equity with a Q or J).
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      thanks, im geting the hang of playing turn a bit better now, i never used to pay as much attentionto turn, but now i am


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        Continuation betting the flop 100% of the time is a pretty huge leak that's easily exploitable, so it's good that you're looking at this more.

        i used to just bet flop coz the maths worked out that it was ev+, obv all u need to do is get a few more folds, im sure barry greenstien does this, but now i would agree u are correct that it its a leak



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