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2nl Zoom - KK OOP in 4bet pot.

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  • 2nl Zoom - KK OOP in 4bet pot.

    I think I played this hand pretty badly from start to finish, so some advice would be great.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I open my KK UTG for my standard 3x raise, the unknown player in the cut off then makes a standard size 3-bet and it's folded back round to me. I don't really like flatting here as I often have the best hand so getting as much money in the pot now can only be good, also I'm OOP which will make playing the hand postflop harder if I don't have initiative. I decide to 4bet to around 3 times his 3bet hoping he will shove and we an get the money in now. He elects to flat, and the flop comes down A high, although I'm not at all happy about this I think there is too much dead money in the the middle to just fold. I decided to bet sort of as a value bet; although it was more to capitalise on the money in the pot and just try take it down now, to avoid a harder decison later in the hand.I decided on just under half pot for the bet size as the pot was already very large due to the action preflop and Not sure if this is the best course of action, could I have check called a street? Once he called my bet I felt uncomfortable getting all the money in so decided to check the turn planning to fold if he shoved. When he checked I felt this looked weak it didn't really seem like he had an ace however being out of position made it hard to for me decide what to do on the river. I decided to check again when the ten fell, as I felt that this hit his range, hoping to see a showdown. I didn't see the point in betting as not many worse hands call, QQ maybe but he could possibly get away from even this. When he put the rest of his stack in I really wasn't sure if I could call, I was getting just over 3-1 so only need about 25% equity against his range, against a range of TT QQ+ and AK offsuit and suited I have about 38% but if he doesn't do this with QQ then i'm a massive dog. Any advice on all streets would be great. Thanks Oliverumbup:
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    Hey Oliver

    While I think we will occasionally be bluffed by QJ should we check and fold this river, I think the hazard of paying off TXdd, TX in general, and AK/AQ. I think those hands are going to be a considerable portion of his range when he moves all-in.

    I would expect QQ and JJ to check back at this level always always. It is also worth noting that J9, a straight draw, got there, while other straight draws like KQ and KJ, we remove some of their possibility by virtue of holding two kings.

    Like you said our river price is really good, and that makes things tempting if we can ever catch him with some QJ type hand or 56dd. I would think at the outset he would be unlikely to three-bet these and because of that we should discount them as compared to AK/AQ.

    In spots like this remember that our opponent had the choice to go to showdown. Instead he chose to put more money in the pot. I don't think this is a likely thing for him to do with JJ or QQ pretty much ever and the same goes for 99.

    In terms of the flop I think we have three choices... none of which you chose . But you were on the right track to one of them.

    I think if we bet we should bet small, very small. How small do I mean? I think 1/4p would be the best option. This will get us value from the hands we can get value from and should allow us to check down the rest of the streets and not be bluffed too easily. We also avoid putting in a lot of money bad or having the pot too big to fold on a later street like this one. Whew, lot to keep track of there I know!

    The other two options are to a) check and fold b) check and call a small bet to check and fold a later street. Sometimes with b our opponent will bet his bluffs once and give up, as well as be willing to check down made hands whether they beat us or not.

    The idea behind a is that our opponent will check down QQ/JJ/99 from the start and that a lot of his preflop range is AK. AK is a hand that makes a lot of sense to see at this level since most players 1) Three-bet it regardless of positions 2) Don't feel comfortable moving all-in with it before the flop. As a consequence it is a very likely hand to find that three-bets and calls a four-bet. AQ can sometimes be put into that same category. For that reason we could simply check and fold. Not our flop!

    So in sum I would check and fold the river as you did, but had I bet the flop I would have bet much smaller.



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