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2nl Zoom - ATo in the BB. 2b value bet?

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  • 2nl Zoom - ATo in the BB. 2b value bet?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop the BTN limps and the SB completes, both player are unknown but as I usually do I assummed them to be weaker players due to their passive play. I raise 6x the BB to try and get HU with one of the two players but get called by both of them. I flop top pair and the SB checks to me, I make a pretty standard value bet for just over half the pot. The BTN folds and the SB calls. The 5 of spades then peals and the SB checks again. Is this a good spot to value bet or should I check behind. At the time I think I got a bit carried away and just made my value bet without actually thinking. If I was to instead check behind there aren't too many cards that can come that I won't be able to bet for value, or call one. I think another advantage of checking behind is to induce bluffs that won't call a value bet on the turn. Just wondering what everybodies thoughts are on this, is it better to double barrel for value or take a bet check bet line? Cheers Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I want to address the though of checking behind to induce river bluffs. While this is an important concept and a line I like to take in various spots, I don't think this is one of those. It's important when taking this type of line (with the specific goal of inducing some bluffs) that the villain can actually have hands in his range with which to bluff the river. When he check-calls the flop, what can he have that would then be bluffing on the river? The board is totally dry, so he can't really have busted draws except for maybe a very loosely played 25 or 45, but both those paired and weaker players will tend to check those on the river and try to get to showdown rather than turn them into a bluff. So the vast majority of his range to check/call this flop are weaker made hands like A-rag and 8x, or better made hands that are slow playing the flop like A3, A8, 33, 88, and A5 that just got there. Given that the player is probably weak (based on his line, and his stack), I prefer to bet again on the turn, and am taking a bet/fold line mostly here. A weak player will basically check/call off with a worse ace here. If he check-raise jams, I'm very comfortable folding as I just don't expect this flop and turn line from a worse hand.

    IF we thought we could only get 1-2 streets of value from worse hands (like against a conservative player who will fold A-rag to a 2nd barrel), then we could check back the turn and induce a river check/call from them. Or we could check back the flop (free card is not scary on this board) and make our 2 streets the turn and river. But against these weaker players I think a bet/fold line is in order, and if he calls the turn, I'm betting most rivers as well since the weaky will tend to give us 3 streets with his worse hands. Actually looking for a broadway river card, as those are least likely to help him... they are the safest cards for us.
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