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2NL LP Open Range

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  • 2NL LP Open Range

    Hey, I wanted some opinions about the Late Position opening range. How should be the opening range on the 2NL on the button and on the cutoff ? for stealing and also after limpers. The range recomended on the Cash Game Course is too tight imo. Thanks umbup:

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    I'd start with a pretty tight range, and when you can play confidently at 2nl with a tight range then I'd open it up. Playing the cut-off and button you can raise any A, suited K's and medium unsuited Kings, same with Q's. Suited connectors, and pairs. I think depending on your postflop play that can definitely be a profitable range, the important thing though is to make sure your making money from it, so if your postflop game isn't great id play with a tighter range until you improve and dabble with loosening up.


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      i agree with craig

      keep in mind the players in the blinds. if they are extremely tight, drop your open to 2 or 2.5 bb and you can steal your heart out on the button. when they play back at you tighten up.
      if they call and you have garbage and dont connect, you can try a CB, but it just maybe a good time to let the hand go and move on to the next. even if they know you open loosely, as long as you open the same with all the hands on the button, they wont know if you have garbage or a monster hand

      if you have loose guys in the blinds, tighten with everything in poker it depends lol. just remind yourself not to get to carried away

      the most important thing is that you are comfortable with your play



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