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2NL 9-max: AKo against 3-bet

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  • 2NL 9-max: AKo against 3-bet

    Hi, the villain was playing like a quarter of the hands, raising few of them but I've seem him 3-bet quite often. Another note that I had was that he's multitabling 24 tables (so probably a reg). Overall I think I lost the minimum, cuz I smelled AA on the preflop 3-bet. Thanks umbup:

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    Hey fp_boss I agree that if we play the hand this way we cannot fold on the river. We definitely did lose the minimum. Though I do not expect a player playing that many tables to take this line as a bluff. For that reason I think there is another way we could have lost the minimum, by betting the turn and folding should he raise. Given the fact that you know he is playing so many tables I would assume that he could only check raise the turn with KK, AA, AK, TT type hands. So if we bet and then fold we lose the same to those hands had we checked back the turn and called a river bet. However we can get value from other hands of his on the turn like QQ and JJ, and we can shut out AQ from hitting its gutshot. So I would think bet/folding the turn would definitely be a viable option you should consider, but you did well to not go broke here umbup: so good job on that. The key insight is that someone playing that many tables has to be paying attention to this table for a good reason. He doesn't have 96o



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