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2NL 9-max: AQo LP

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  • 2NL 9-max: AQo LP

    Hi, the aggressor is a TAG. The other player is a LAG. I folded the hand because I was out of position relative to the pre flop raiser. But now it seems a tight fold imo. Thanks umbup:

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    Hey fp_boss I think your flop fold is just fine. We called to use our position on flops that we connect with. That could mean a pair, a gutshot, a straight draw, or a flush draw. But we didn't flop any of those things, not even a backdoor flush draw. Also on the flop we are not closing the action, the limper could still check-raise and push us off our already marginal hand. I don't see any good bluff opportunities coming up for us either on later streets, so I think you made the best play for sure umbup:. One potential alternative is if the raiser is a LAG we could three-bet for value. He is probably isolating the limper with a wide range of hands, which means he will have a tough time fighting back against our AQs should we make a .16 3 bet in position. Just an idea



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