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2NL zoom KK OOP in 3 bet pot ugly turn spot

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  • 2NL zoom KK OOP in 3 bet pot ugly turn spot

    Got myself into trouble on this one. Usually if I was against a smaller stack I'd keep betting the turn. But as I was deep stacked and the only real draw just got there I checked for pot control and then was in a world of pain when the villain bet big. Not sure what I should have done keep betting and probably have to give up to any aggression or check fold? I only had 7 hands of data on the villain so that was no help.

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    Hi Willhebe

    A good hand to post. I think we don't need to talk too much and preflop or the flop, though I will say that you probably could have made it 1bb or 2 more before the flop.

    On the turn I think we can identify a fair number of options available to us.

    Bet/call -- that is bet and continue in the pot facing a raise
    Bet/fold -- bet but fold if raised
    check/call -- check and call a bet to see a river
    check/fold -- check and fold to a bet, hoping it checks through

    Let's label these b/c, b/f, x/c, and x/f to keep them straight.

    I think the order of these are, best to worst, b/f > x/c > x/f > b/c.

    So I think betting and folding to a raise is our best option. There are still a lot of hands with a pair and a straight draw that can call our bet, but would not raise. Can you think of all the hands with either a pair and a gutshot, or a pair and a straight draw? I think you will come up with a lot.

    One reason that bet/fold is also good is that we don't rate to have many outs (or the best hand) facing a raise. If we had a gutshot or something to that affect, things might be different. Most of the time when he raises we are either drawing dead versus a straight, or slim versus two pair or a set on occasion.

    I don't like checking and calling very much. It is going to be ok because we have a good hand, but it really let's our opponent off the hook. Some of his middle pair + gutshot hands get to see the river for free, and I don't like that, I want to charge him to see the river. Also if he bets he sets the price and we are handcuffed. He always sees the river since we can't x/r.

    x/f I don't think is a good option since we have a hand that has value, we have to determine how best to play it.

    x/r I think would be really bad on this specific board. His betting range is going to be pretty strong and his calling range versus a check-raise is going to have us crushed.

    I imagine this is enough to think about


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      Thanks must admit I check folded. Was a bit lost deep stacked what to do.


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        That's ok . You didn't make a -EV play, just a 0EV one (check-folding that is), when maybe some +EV ones were available. I think bet/folding is the proper mix of being conservative and aggressive in this spot.



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