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2nl Zoom - QQ, heavy preflop action.

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  • 2nl Zoom - QQ, heavy preflop action.

    Had some trouble with the infamous ladies today, here was a very interesting spot that came up. First here are my reads/stats. Villain 1 - Tight reg who prefers to be the aggressor I don't have any notes on him unfortunatly, however I do have stats but only for a sample size of 93 hands. He was running 17/16/6.9 AF 5.0 Villain 2 - Another Tight reg however he is much more aggressive, this guy has a fold button but prefers his raise button much much more. No idea as to how much he min raises like this. His stats over 101 hands 15/11/7.0 he has yet to 4bet, AF 16.0. Villain 5 - is an unknown but I viewed him as a bad player due to his limp and cold call.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    So Villain 5 limps and I make a standard isolation raise for value; the tight reg on the button then makes a standard size 3bet and the tight reg in the SB almost immediately min 4bets. The fishy player calls and the action is on me..... At this point it is worth noting that I am never calling here, perhaps this is a leak of mine but here's why. 1) I'm not closing the action, the 3bettor can come over the top of me putting me in a bad spot. If he does and either of the other two villains calls then I'm in an even worse spot than I am now and I've put more money in the pot. 2)If I call and take a flop what do I do if one of the villains ships in front of me, even with no A or K out there I'm not happy about calling but I'll likely have to as I'll be getting a great price. So that leaves folding or raising (all in), I could raise all in but both the BTN and SB are pretty tight players who don't step out of line. Villain 2 has yet to 4 bet before this hand but here he does the old min raise (4bet) which is usually indicative of a strong holding. I do not think he is likely folding, also I don't think that villain 5 is folding if I shove. Although I feel I'm likely ahead of villain 5's range, I'm not comfortable getting my stack in against villain 1's calling off range nor villain 2's min4bet call range. So that leaves folding, however is this weak and too nitty at 6max? Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver, for me that's an all in, but what do I


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      I think I'm folding in this spot. As you say you’re not worried about Villain5, it's 1 and 2 who are both TAG players cold 3 and 4 betting preflop. What do we expect them to be doing that with? Especially villian2 who's seen two raises in front of him and then min 4bets. If that’s not KK+ I’ll be shocked!

      The only way I’m playing this hand is if I had the odds to set mine, and even then I don't like villain1 behind me still to act. You've only put in $0.08, cut your losses while their still small.


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        We are zooming and this is a fold.

        The small blind -- what have you heard about the small blind? The villain in the small blind could have pressed the quick fold button, but he didn't. He could have cold-called the three-bet from the button -- but he didn't do that. He could have four-bet large -- he didn't do that either!

        Instead he went for the small four-bet, out of position, not involved in the pot, from the small blind.

        I just think this is a very clear fold. Our hand does a poor job of avoiding danger in this spot.. we are a 20/80 dog to KK or to AA. We also don't 'block' any combinations of these hands... but we do block QQ. So our villain's range really looks like it could be KK+ AK at the worst. I really don't see him doing this with JJ.

        I also think his sizing lowers the chances he has a hand like AK. Of course that's not even considering the times the three-bettor wakes up with a monster.

        QQ here is a easy fold and things are closer with KK. Sometimes it is best to duck out the back door before the barfight happens



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