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2nl Zoom - TT OTB, 4b shove...?

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  • 2nl Zoom - TT OTB, 4b shove...?

    Pre flop it's folded round to me on the button, I have limited info on the BB and so far my read is that he is a tight player I have no info at all on the SB, although he is nuturing half a stack which is normally a good indicator of a bad player.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I make a standard raise to 3x and the SB then 3bets me pretty big making it nearly 15x the BB to go, at this point I can't contemplate set mining as he is far too short. Additionally I don't really like flat calling, he has very little left behind if I do call and can feasibly shove on the flop. To compound matters there will be a tonne of flops that I hate and will have to fold on. So I can either fold or raise, if I do raise it will have to be for the SB's entire stack. I really don't like folding here as I think my hand is too strong, but without info how can I be sure that TT is ahead of his 3betting range, also how do I decide if he will call off with worse I decided to shove for value as I thought if he is playing short (and likely a fish) then he could likely 3bet/call off with worse. Was my thinking correct and was my shove good, or should I infact have folded? Thanks for any help. Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver

    I think this is a pretty clear all-in. Like you have correctly deduced, our hand doesn't play that well after the flop. There are going to be a lot of flops that aren't too great for our hand given all the money in the pot, we also aren't going to want to fold after the flop too often.

    In short our hand plays very well preflop especially as compared to postflop. It is the 5th strongest hand preflop in all of no limit hold'em!

    Also our requirements for getting all-in before the flop should be proportioned to the size of the stacks. So facing a short stack we should be willing to go with a lot of hands, facing very deep stacks we should be willing to go with very few hands. Here against a half stack I think we can definitely add TT into our stack off range.

    Let me know if that makes some sense


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      Makes perfect sense Gareth Thanks for the help umbup:
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