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Hand #8 vs Villain2

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  • Hand #8 vs Villain2

    Last edited by rule110; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:04 PM.

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    I'm fine with how you played this hand. KTo is ahead of his range preflop and you have position on him so good raise to isolate him.

    Postflop he makes his standard small cbet that we know means nothing. I would prefer to have at least A high here, but a K will do fine as long as he keeps to his small bets, which his does.

    The river brings 2 pair to the board so I’m quite happy with my hand here. I still don't think I’m raising just in case he has the A, but I’m happy to take it to showdown with him.

    From the hands you have posted it looks like you’ve made quite a bit of money from this villain so well done. Overall just work on you starting hand selection. You seem to be raising ATC against this villain when he limps. A thinking player would spot this and re-raise you preflop with any cards they wanted to play. You will have to fold most of you range to their 3bet, and once they have seen you fold to a 3bet a few times they will start 3betting you light and you will very quickly start to lose money. If however you call their 3bet with all or most of your range this will lead to them 3betting you for value, and when their 3bet will be $0.30 if you and V2 both call you could easily end up putting your whole stack in the middle when you hit top pair and they have an overpair.


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      I thi
      Last edited by rule110; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:04 PM.


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        I think the flop and the turn are just ok calls. Don't be afraid to raise sometimes -- here we are essentially calling to draw to a 6 outer, not because we think we have the best hand. On the river things are close. Sure we are getting a great price, but our opponent has to have two cards between 6 and K that don't have a pair, and we still lose to some of those (KJ). I think it is very marginal and probably a fold to be honest. He is just going to have a pair or ace high or even a better king high too often. Really our plan against a player like this should be to showdown marginal pairs for profit and to bet for value very thinly. Isolating him in position with a good top pair making hand like KT is a great start though, I think your bet sizing is quite good preflop umbup:



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