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Hand #7 vs Villain2

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  • Hand #7 vs Villain2

    Last edited by rule110; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:03 PM.

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    With him raising 6 out of 7 hands JJ is way ahead of his range, also you've said he would hardly ever fold to one re-raise. For that reason I’m never calling here, I'm raising him at least 3x to $0.24 if not more. From what we have seen and what you've said I have no problem getting all in preflop against this villain, so even if he does re-raise me I'm raising again.

    The flops gives us an over pair and as you didn't re-raise him preflop I agree with checking to him. He then makes his very predictable cbet, which I would check/raise 3x his bet or more for value hoping he would call. I haven't seen him 3bet postflop so if he did I might be slightly worried, but then again if we still believe he's on tilt we can easily expect him to do that with a pair of nines of this flop.

    I would treat the turn the same as the flop. As he was the raiser on the flop I would check to him to let him throw more money in the pot and check/raise him 3x or more for value.

    Again on the river you have let him do all the betting, so I would check to him again to let him continue wasting his money, and again raise him 3x or more. Personally I think your check/raise is way too high, and it looks like even the calling station was able to fold, which is saying a lot.

    I think you missed out on a lot of value here. JJ is a monster compared to this guy’s range. You know he's a calling station that doesn't know where his fold button is, but yet you choose to slow play it. Then on the river when you make you move you overbet way too much. Personally I never bet more than the pot unless it's to go all in because a pot size bet is more than 1/3rd of my stack.


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      Last edited by rule110; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:07 PM.


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        Hi Rule101

        If the villain really is playing so many hands we missed three opportunities to raise for value -- before the flop, on the flop, and on the turn.

        As villains become more wild, we need to be going for value with a wider range of hands. You would have three-bet with Kings here right? Well why not jacks? If he is playing so many hands jacks is going to go up in value enough that we should definitely be playing it for a raise in position.

        Were we to call before the flop I would think the same logic applies to htis flop. We should raise it up and expect him to continue in the pot very often with his worse holdings. There are also plenty of draws for him to either call a raise or to three-bet the flop, against that action we can probably decide on a call.

        Similarly on the turn we are really letting the weak player dictate how much money goes into this pot. But we want to be the one deciding how much money goes into the pot -- and we want it to be more money than he is currently putting in.

        The only time we finally decided to put a raise in was when we had the near-nuts on the river and he made a very weak bet. We don't need the nuts to go after players like this, quite the opposite, and look at how deep our stacks are -- over 6$ -- we left a lot of that money on the table in this hand.



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