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Hand #6 vs Villain2

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  • Hand #6 vs Villain2

    poker is fun
    Last edited by rule110; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:08 PM.

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    25o is a very easy fold preflop, you don't get too much worse than that and your betting into a calling station who you know will call you with ATC. Over time this will loss you money.

    On the flop you hit bottom pair so I agree would check to see what the other villain does. V2 then makes another one of his small cbet which from the previous hand shows weakness, so it's an easy call.

    The turn gives us trips. Personally I think I would be checking back to V2 as he seems to be betting all the time when checked to even with air, so we can rely on him to put more money in the pot even if it is only $0.10. This would slightly increase the pot, so when I make my check/raise for the pot it will be slightly more than if I had bet outright, meaning even more money in the pot when I believe I’m ahead.

    The river card doesn't seem to change much, it only really helps if he had an open ended straight, but against this villain he’s more likely on air. For that reason I think you loss value by checking and letting him get away cheaply. I would have put in another bet, half the pot if I thought he could have the straight, but most of the time a full pot bet.


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      Hi Rule101

      This is a clear spot to press the fold button before the flop. I don't think it is close. To isolate a player who is tilting, out of position, with a hand like this, is kind of like soaking a greenback in kerosene and putting it on the barbecue.

      He is going to give you money in plenty of spots that you don't have to press the action like this. This is a really key instance of understanding position as well. Out of position we should not even be thinking of battling it out with him given we had 25o. Who was tilting here, him or you?

      As played we should definitely lead the turn but also the river. Why slow down? Simply because 1 draw got there? The player is apparently a station, so by checking the river we are just losing a monumental amount of value. He will probably call with any pair that he called the turn with, so we need to value bet. If we get raised on the river we can think about folding then.

      I would really re-examine your understanding of some preflop fundamentals and look at this hand once over. No player is going to be turning a profit here with 25o, not me or you.



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