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Zoom 2nl - Another cbet spot.

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  • Zoom 2nl - Another cbet spot.

    Sticking with my theme this week of going back to basics, here's another cbet spot.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop it's folded round to me and I make my standard raise getting called by both blinds. The flop comes down rather co-ordinated and I have a flushdraw and two overs, both blinds check to me and I have to decide whether to cbet or not. I could c-bet to capitilise on my pre flop initiative however I'm not sure how much fold equitty I actually have here. On the other hand I do have real equity in terms of a flush draw and sometimes my overs will be live. Also I'm in position which makes playing the turn easier if I am called. Another reason not to cbet is that this type of flop does hit their calling range, also I'm multiway so I'm not likely to garner two folds immediately. Additionly if I do cbet and then get raised it's not looking good for me and I really hate folding when I can just check behind. Is it better to check behind and draw for free building; then the pot on the turn if I do hit, or firing any scare card that falls on the turn. Personally I think I check behind here a lot of the time, however this could be a leak of mine so all input will be useful. Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Croyd

    I tend to play solid drawing hands like this pretty aggressively and c-bet nearly all the time. I would take the free card if I wasn't drawing to the nut flush though, but had QJs or something.

    The only concern I have with c-betting this flop is the short stack in the sb. He might reraise you all in which makes for a tough spot. Any reads on what to expect from the blinds?

    By building the pot now, you increase the chance of getting someone all in by the river when your nut flush card comes.


    Roland GTX


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      Originally posted by Roland GTX View Post
      The only concern I have with c-betting this flop is the short stack in the sb. He might reraise you all in which makes for a tough spot. Any reads on what to expect from the blinds?
      Hi Roland, I forgot to mention that both players were unknown. I often assume that short stacked players are fishy; unless they give me reason to think otherwise. As you say the SB can c/r all in putting me in a bad spot, however even if the other player makes a large c/r I hate the spot which is why I will often check back. I do like your reason behind betting to build, so to get all in when I do hit my flush and tbh it isn't something that I considered when deciding to cbet or not. I'll be interested to see what others make it. Oliver umbup:
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        I would be looking to cbet this flop. Both of them have checked to you, and you have the nut flush draw to back you up if you do get called. Unless 2NL players show me otherwise I don't expect them to check-raise me that often. From what I've found they donk bet their strong hands more than they check-raise them.

        If you do however get check-raise so be it, I would just make a note that that villain check-raises and watch out for how often he does it to try to work out if it's strength or a bluff.


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          Hey Oliver

          I think this would actually be a fine spot to check back. This board is very well connected, we are multiway, I just don't expect to ever fold out a better hand with a continuation bet.

          If we check back we can ensure that we put money in more effectively; when we have the best hand. We will be able to call pretty much any turn bet from either opponent, drawing to two overs and the nut flush draw. We can turn a gutshot to the nut straight.

          I think because we have low fold equity, a lot of the times a spade turns, we are going to get paid pretty often. This is a situation where in position we have the luxury of using our position to control when the money goes in. Out of position on the flop our options aren't really so open, we usually have to bet in a spot like this. But in position, knowing we can call a turn bet to see the river, I think we can realize that this texture is really connected and those players are going to be sticky to the flop.

          Certainly we aren't going to be losing money betting the flop, but checking back could be even better.



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