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2 NL 6 Max Unraised Multiway Pot vs LP

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  • 2 NL 6 Max Unraised Multiway Pot vs LP

    Hi all, this is one of the hands I had today which really got me thinking for a while before making the turn shove. Villain 1: 34/4, AF: 1.1 after 116 hands Villain 3: 55/29, AF: 1.8 after 226 hands Seems like a perfect turn for us. Villain 1 (CO) flats then put Villain 3 (SB) all in. At this point, I was pretty sure he had straight. Chances of him having a flush draw is low. But Villain 3 calls the all in, he seemed more likely to have a flush draw with his stats. Being unsure what to do, I shoved on Villain 1 since I thought my hand was best, I had 9 outs to flush and there was little left behind if I flat. Not sure how to put Villain 1 and Villain 3's ranges into Pokerstove. How will you analyse this hand and what will be your turn action??

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    To be honest i think my money is going in here. There is a high chance of other flushes with a 2. Could have flush draw's with a 6. Could have combo draws with 6x of spades. And then someone might get crazy with a set, or like AK at 2nl.

    You have one of the best hands on the board, the only hands your actually behind atm are 62 and 76, but you have outs to draw out on them, my money is going in here i think.


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      Hey Awesome

      What a spot . I have been looking at this thread on and off today not sure what to recommend. The main problem it seems to me is all the extra stack depth we have with the passive player who seems intent on putting a ton of money in the pot. We have to put so much more in above and beyond what we already have, in order to get in the pot.

      I think, actually, we can be relatively sure that he has us beat. Its a lot about his aggression factor and his passive play in general. With a bare 2 I think he would play it much more conservatively on the turn facing all that action, the check-raise and the overcall.

      Another problem though is that means putting him on four combinations 76hh, 76dd, 76ss, or 76cc. I just don't know if we can be that confident since we know he is never playing 26 with a 30% VPIP.

      I think that calling actually has to be better than moving all-in. If the river comes a 2 we can check-fold, if the river comes a spade, we can move all-in for the rest. I think since we know our opponent is so passive, we know we have the best flush draw.

      I would actually recommend calling now, having thought it over, and shoving on a spade, even if that spade paired the board. I think it is likely we can count on any spade giving us the nuts. If we were to miss we can honestly check-fold the river. Tough hand!


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        Thanks a lot ppl for your input. To make that move, I thibk the villain has already gotten there and not having a draw. It's just a matter of whether he held a 2, or having 76.

        At showdown, the loose passive guy had 7d6d, so he had us beat on the turn already. The other guy with shorter stack had 92o. Gareth so if I had called the turn, river comes a blank- not a spade or a deuce, do we still go all in?


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          No if the river came a blank I would check and fold. I would think that the passive opponent would never move all-in with a dry side pot without having atleast a deuce, but most often the 76.



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