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Did I play this correctly?

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  • Did I play this correctly?

    Hi all, So I'm still pretty new to this online poker thing but I had this one hand that really bothered me... I'm curious if I played this right or if I should have folded after the other guy went all in... Any advice would be much appreciated!

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      My thought is that you made the mistake post flop. When the other player checked, you should have made a larger bet. The minimum bid you made encouraged him to remain. Though in your defense, if you shipped and he folded, you would not have made that much. So I'm going to ask how many hands did you play at this table. How did you read your opponent? If the guy was loose, or a calling station, I don't think any bet would have convinced him to fold his set.

      I'll be curious to know if my read is correct.


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        Hi shaun.

        When the money went in you were on the absolute nut hand.

        At best an opp had about 35% equity versus you with a set. While this means you will lose a little over 1/3rd of the time to any opp's set, the 65%+ of the time you can expect to win will more than offset any losses over the long term. This is CERTAINLY a spot where you want to get all the chips in if you can!

        As for Cairn's position that you might have massaged max value a little better here, without more info on your opp I cannot say one way or the other. I do know that when the Villain 7 check/raises I like the fact you did not continue your slow play of the nut hand. Even a min check raise here is rarely total air, and since I stated above this is a great spot to try to get all the chips in if you can, there is no sense NOT "starting early" on building a pot when a villain shows strength with a C/R.

        Perhaps more info could lead to a better line choice (like info saying the Vill 7 was prone to weak bluff C/R's he'd then fold), but without that info, I think your line is just fine.

        Bad luck he caught a running pair to happens.

        Hope it helps!

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