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25NL Zoom hand cuffed in multiway pot

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  • 25NL Zoom hand cuffed in multiway pot

    The first caller is very loose passive running 40/8 over 30 hands. The second caller is loose aggressive 33/20 over 20 hands. The board was very wet and with the overcards I wasnt convinced I had the best hand. So, I just kept calling rather than making the pot even bigger. I hate being so passive. Is there a better way to handle this situation, especially the turn and river?

    Roland GTX

  • #2
    When this player 3 leads out I'm thinking he probably has some sort of draw, hoping to have some fold equity here, 2 calls.

    On the turn the bet is extremely weak and just reinforces the draw idea, the K is a scare card as we could open a couple of K's preflop and just call one street with overcards, also with it being likely the player 3 has a draw you don't want to let him take a basicly free card for the river. So I'd be raising the turn here.

    Player 6 really hasn't played back yet, and the numbers I'm not exactly be sure what means, he might call often preflop, but in what positions, and then what does he call the flop bet with? Is that overcards, a draw or a pair.

    I'd pretty much be playing the hand against player 3 and what it's likely he has, yes player 6 could be dangerous, but he is quite weak/passive so until he makes a move, I'd guess he could call us with worse.


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      I think our best options by street played are:

      - raise the flop
      - call the turn as we did
      - check the river as we did

      Raising the flop is going to get the player behind to fold a lot of hands that we would rather he fold having in position on us, like AT, AJ, KQ, JT, etc.

      On the flop we can also get value from the player leading out. We create some problems if the leader decides to put in the three-bet.

      On the turn we just have no clue what the player behind us has and by raising the min lead we risk putting in large sums of money drawing dead. If we just call we can ensure everyone's range remains wide and perhaps our diamond flush draw is best. If we raise I would be surprised if any hand that continued against us would be dead to a diamond.

      On the river there is no possibility to value bet -- it is a bit too thin -- there is little chance of being called by worse.



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