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Betting on turn with the nut draw?

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  • Betting on turn with the nut draw?

    Hi guys n gals, was wondering if i shudda bet on the turn with draw? Constructive comments most welcome and GL allumbup: villain had AQss btw.. weird slowplay/line I reckon...
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    Seems like quite a passive opponent, I'd be betting here, got a gutshot and a flushdraw, nice outs as well as some possible fold equity, as pfr on the button doesn't scream monster, although it's pretty strong in this case.

    If you miss you'll be able to get away from it, but if you hit then your likely to get paid alot more.


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      I don't really like opening the betting on the turn.

      We still have nothing on the turn - except the draws - and although we seem to have a lot of combinations of draws most of them give us weak made hands.

      5 spades OK we have 1 out to the absolute nuts.

      5 hearts/diamonds - pretty much the nuts too

      So 3 outs to the nuts - our gutshot non-club draws

      5 clubs - hmmmm?

      any other spade - not great with such a weak flush - I would still be cautious.

      But all opponent dependent.

      The opps weak bet on the turn in position looks weak - unless I have a good read otherwise on the opponent - so I might reraise here - the check/raise would look stronger than what we have - but if I'm not sure of the opponents tendencies and what the bet means I will just call and try to get some extra value when the 5 comes on the river.

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        Hey wikked

        I think we should definitely bet this turn! We got one of the best cards in the deck for us and our opponent has shown weakness on an ace high flop.

        We could win the pot right now if we bet the turn, our opponent could fold a pair of sevens or a better hand than ours like ten high.

        We also have real equity, a gutshot and a flush draw. When we have a good combination of real equity and fold equity we should be betting and semi-bluffing.

        We can even fire the river should we miss again. If our opponent doesn't have at least a pair of queen's, he will have a tough time calling. A river bluff doesn't have to work that often if we bet 3/4p.

        So that would be my go to plan, semi-bluffing the turn to bluff the river sometimes and value betting any time we make a flush or a straight. I would check when I hit a pair.



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