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2nl Zoom - QQ, can I call off?

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  • 2nl Zoom - QQ, can I call off?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Both players are unknown so when the button limps and the SB over limps I assume that they are most likely weak players. I have a legitimate value hands so decide to pump it up to 6X (3 + 1 for each limper, and 1 for good measure as they seem pretty bad. The SB calls and the flop comes down pretty good for queens. The villain checks to me so I make a decent sized value bet, he then does something really unexpected and jams... Although he could be completely spazzing out here with a number of hands, is it more likely that he has a 6 or has flopped a boat or quads? Really unsure what to do here, if the SPR was low then I would be inclined to commit. However with a high SPR I'm unsure what to do. Any advice would be great. Thanks. Oliverumbup:
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    My two cents. Raise size good +1 extra for oop not btn bad and sb?

    Zoom 2NL only 100bb buy-in and sb has 6 stacks. He only completed the blind and with that many stacks - how did he get them with out reads?

    I'd say it's an impossible call it may be bully tactics from a big stack but you are effective - if you know it's AK call.
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      Tough spot! Man I hate when that happens.

      Without a solid read I'm folding. He might have a lower overpair than yours with 10s or Js and be jamming hoping you have AK AQ type hand. However my experience calling these spots has been very expensive, especially at the lower levels.

      My golden rule is "Never call an all in post flop holding just a pair"


      Roland GTX


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        Hi Oliver

        While I like Roland's rule, I think there are exceptions and this might be one. I think raising to 6X is fine in this spot. I would continuation bet closer to half pot than the size you did. This will elicit more calls in my opinion from hands that may fold to a larger size.

        In this spot I would call. I would call the closer the lower board pair is to 2. By that I mean on 922 I don't think its close -- I would always call and I would call with TT.

        On 966 I think its closer but there are draws our opponent can have and I see a lot of spazz outs from 55 or A9 or 97 or 88. Enough that I don't think we can fold. Our price isn't excellent, but I really just feel our hand is too strong. If we call here with 99, QQ-AA, we aren't exactly spewing money.

        These spots are a mix of art and science


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          Again, just my 2 cents

          This is not a value bet, I've seen this very often at 2 and 5NL. Most of the time (not always) the players will do that to protect a small pair or to scare you.
          I don't think he has a 6, KK or AA, he called limp, if he did have these cards, he would of called to continue his slow play
          He might have a 9 or TT, JJ or hoping for a straight

          I'm calling him


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            Hi guys, Cheers for all the input, it's really useful to see everyone's views. I ended up calling here as I felt he would do this with a number of worse hands, also I felt he would just smooth call and c/r the turn with a 6. He rolled over K9 so I was very happy, the board ran out nicely for me and I took a big pot. Thanks again Oliver umbup:
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