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Tricky postflop play after squeeze at 2nl 6max Zoom

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  • Tricky postflop play after squeeze at 2nl 6max Zoom

    I was out of my comfort zone here for a couple of reasons. One, I am trying to loosen up my nitty style by 3betting and squeezing more, and finding situations like this that I'm not used to. Two, I often struggle when raising with medium pairs like TT, 99 because they so often result in a marginal second pair type hand on the flop. Here, it seemed (and still seems) a good spot to squeeze from the blinds. The initial raiser looked like an ABC tag, playing 17/10 over 500 hands, so likely to fold a lot of his range. The caller had played 4 of 6 recorded hands without once raising preflop, so very likely loose passive and liable to call with plenty worse.
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    No surprise when the flop left me with second pair. I cbet hoping to fold out any complete misses, but with no real intention of continuing against resistance. On the turn I had no idea if I was ahead or behind. There were plenty of Queens in villain's range but also flushdraws, gutshots and smaller pairs. I checked to avoid bloating the pot, thinking I would have to fold to any sizeable bet. After the turn was checked back I decided I was not up against Queens, and so was more likely than not ahead. Some straights had hit but flushes had missed. Should I bet for value, and if so how much? In the event I put out a very small bet hoping to get called by small pocket pairs or curiosity calls with A-high or just air. When the bet was raised I cursed myself for not having just checked in hopes of seeing a cheap showdown. [If its not clear on the replayer, vilain minraised to $.60 on the river] Was my mini river bet a mistake? And should I call the raise given the odds and hoping my betsize had inadvertently induced a bluff?

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    Hi mytton!

    To answer some of your questions

    1 Preflop was fine

    The fact that the caller has played 4 of 6 hands leads us to believe he will be a loose passive opponent. This is the exact type of opponent we can isolate here with a squeeze play and we have the exact kind of hand we want to do it with. Let's say another TAG had called behind. Maybe our squeezing range is QQ+ AK or JJ+ AK. Well when there is such a target to act behind we can add hands like 99, TT, AQ, AJs, KQ. These hands are surely going to be ahead of the caller's range and do fine against the initial raiser just in case they continue.

    2 The turn, ahead or behind?

    I think that if we bet and get called we should wonder this. I think that if we check and have to call a bet, we should wonder this. I think that if we check and our opponent checks, we should assume we have the best hand. This is the way I like playing this particular hand. We certainly have a choice between

    a) bet/folding for value now -- that is betting to get value from his calling range and folding versus a raise

    b) checking this street to bet/fold the river for value.

    The advantage a has over b is that a charges his draws before they might become made on the river. The advantage b has over a is that we don't put undue pressure on his worse made hands and make them suspicious and liable to call our river bet.

    I like b sometimes and think it is fine in this case.

    On this river as played I would bet 0.60 and fold to a raise. As played I think we still fold to the raise. If his 4/6 is any indication he can have a 3X type hand here a lot more than a regular opponent, and in fact, many hands beat us. If he had a bluff catcher that we could beat, he would have called. If he had a bluff that needed to raise to win the pot, he could have bet the turn. Instead he waited for us to bet before raising. I think that's a recipe that adds up to a better hand!

    Hope this helps


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      Hi Gareth. Thanks for the detailed analysis. Plenty of food for thought there.

      One thing I think I'm just starting to 'get' is the knack of planning out a hand overall, rather than get bogged down in each street as a separate entity. I'd have benefited on the turn from thinking the options and outcomes through logically the way you laid it out, rather than trying to make that decision in isolation and then be faced by more question marks on the river.
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