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2nl Zoom - A2s BB.

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  • 2nl Zoom - A2s BB.

    No reads on either player, OR had under 100BB's so I assumed him to be pretty fishy.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop I'm getting 5-1 immediate odds with a speculative hand and there's plenty of money left behind, I think calling here should be pretty profitable as long as I don't get attached to an ace if I hit. With this call I'm looking to flop a strong draw/2 pair etc. The flop comes down pretty awesome for me and the SB checks, I could check to the OR however I don't really like doing so. The fact he is sitting on an unconventional stack suggests he's a fish and I don't know how often he c-bets into multiway pot so I decide to make a value bet around 3/4 pot; one call a fold and we take a turn. The jack doesn't really change much, I still have the best hand nearly all the time so it's a fairly easy value bet, he calls again and then the flush draw completes on the river. This is when I really can't decide what the best play is; I think I should either check/call bet/call or maybe check/fold but I'm unsure which. I don't really think bet/folding is an option here as any decent sized bet that he shoves over will leave me too good odds to fold. The reason why I can't decide what to do on the river is 2 fold. 1) If I check he can check behind with worse hands that call a bet if I make it thus I miss value. Also when he bets he is likely doing this a better hand (flush) so i'm not sure I can call. 2) If I bet then he will likely call with some worse hands, however when he raises I am nearly always behind. I think it's probably better to bet around half pot here as there are more weak hands he can call with in his range than completed draws he will shove over the top with. However if he does shove I really don't think I can call even though I'm getting just over 3-1. Any advice would be great. Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I definitely like betting again, the fish will pay you off with his Qx hands but may well just check those behind a lot if you check. I think there's 2 options to avoid the stack size issue, and either may work:

    1) Put him all in. It's about 1.25x the size of the pot but eliminates decisions. The key caveat to this one is we must feel reasonably confident he's calling it with Qx. If the large bet size folds out a Q, it's a disaster, because he's never folding a flush or better so in this case we completely value own ourselves. If he's a fish however he might call it with KQ, AQ, KK, AA and maybe find a weird hero call with hands like TT or 99 cause if he called the flop and turn with those he thinks we're full of it.

    2) Make a small inducing bet. So the river pot size is .74c, maybe bet like .28c. This will guarantee you get called by all Qx hands, it will inspire some hero calls from TT/99 type hands, and it may induce a raise all in from worse holdings as well. Of course if you choose this line you're calling a raise, if he's made a flush or boat (you haven't counted boats in his range, he can show you QQ or JJ here obv).

    My preference is for the 2nd option if I feel like a larger bet won't get paid by Qx-AA. If I think he's paying the larger bet, then I'd rather just go ahead and make that.

    Another thought, your bet sizing is too small on the turn imo. You bet .22 into .30 but given his flop calling range includes a lot of Qx-AA hands and a few flush draws that he will chase anyway, get more money in now since he will pay it. He's calling the turn for .30c or even .35-.40c I'd think with all of this. If you bet .35c on the turn now the pot is 1.00 and he's got .90c left, you can just shove any river card for value and get called by all the strong 1 pair hands for sure.
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