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NL2 fr 3 bet isolator from bb

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  • NL2 fr 3 bet isolator from bb

    just came across this hand and wasnt exactly sure what to do, i had AKo in bb, there was a limp from a 1tabler fish, then a shorty isolated from buton to 5 bb's, i had AKo in bb and was wanting to just put the shorty on button allin, but wasnt sure what the limper would do althop i thought they were prolly both weak, somtimes fish limp with AA etc, any way i did a small 3 bet (not somthing i done before) and they both called, i led out coz i dont think the flop would of hit there range..was this ok?..the fish called (typical) and isolator folds, checked the turn coz i was thinking the 4d wasnt gonna improve my range but also not gonna improve villains range aswell, .. so maybe i should of bet again?...when the Q hit river and completed a possible flush i had the naked As so just bluff shoved all in?
    ....not sure about the bluff, more the c bet, and should i bet turn here?

    edit.. what i was thinking on turn was if a fish called the flop bet i think they would have called the turn bet when a 4d landed there?
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    Hi Taxed,

    You were wanting to isolate on the shorty and put him all in so why the small 3b? It's way too small to accomplish this goal, and leaves you vulnerable to playing a 3b pot out of position and multi-way against another guy who has chips. In an effort to isolate the shorty and not be in a 3 way pot out of position I think the 3b should be larger, like .34c or there abouts.

    Also I'm not a big fan of the flop c-bet tbh. I actually think this flop is good for their fishy ranges and it's obviously not good for our range as their connector type hands can connect well with the T and 7 and this board texture will not scare them off any of their 1 pair hands.

    Definitely not betting the turn. Whatever the fish called the flop with the 4d didn't improve your range nor did it scare him. Good barrel cards would be an A, K, Q, J, or spade and basically that's about it, any card that changes top pair (so Tx is no longer top pair) and/or gives you additional hand equity to subsidize barrelling.

    The river bet is ok, this is actually a nice card vs his entire range of hands that isn't a flopped flush draw or QT. This card is scary to most everything else. I don't think you need to shove though to get the job done, You could bet like .75 or .80c and accomplish the same exact goal, and save yoruself .80-.86c when he's gotten there.
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      yeh i messed up a bit, havtn been playing much, forgeting how to play meh, just had good 2.5k hand session tho played it ok, think im bak on trak



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