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is this play correct ?

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  • is this play correct ?

    Considering the speculative hand in early position still feeling that i should call !

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    Generally it's not profitable to make these calls out of position. In order to do it you need to have a clear understanding of how it's going to make you money. You haven't provided any reads so that understanding is not present. If the open raiser is a huge fish that stacks off super light, then you can profitably call to speculate. If they are a player who won't stack off without a monster, then you can call and the profitability comes not from speculating (since they won't pay you off anyway when you it) but from stealing the pot on board textures that are bad for their range of hands, and semi-bluffing your flopped draws. The steal profitability is much easier to realize in position however, so I'd rather make these calls on the button than from the SB.

    In the case of this hand if you had reads commensurate with what we saw in this hand, you might consider 3-betting instead of calling... the guy opened Q2o then basically checked it down the whole way, including just calling the river with a straight in a spot where he should be good the vast majority of the time. So very aggressive open and very passive post flop play. A good resteal target since he's opening so wide and is not going to use his position well to give you post flop fits.
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      thanks a lot for your answer helped a lot !



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