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heads-up 50 nl against tag opponent

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  • heads-up 50 nl against tag opponent

    this hand really baffled me. my opponent rarely went past the flop in every hand i played him. we've only been to one showdown and that was the first hand, when my A5 chopped with his A2. i have a 35.80 stack and my opponent has a 110.71 stack. i am on the bb with 54. villian raises 1.50 and i call. any hand he decides to play he raises this way. he plays about 70% of his hands on the button.

    flop comes T32 with two spades. i check and villain bets $2. i raise to $6 b/c this is a standard cbet for him, which he makes about 90% of the hands he raises. turn comes another 3. i bet 9.50 and again he calls. now im starting to think he has a pocket pair. river comes another 2. i go all in for 18.80. he calls and turns over A5. im totally stunned. this bluff should have worked. how can he call with just an ace here? is he really thinking that my preflop call meant that much that i can't have any bit of this board?

    this was actually only the 15th hand i had played with this villian, but my reads seemed pretty strong. i guess my percentages are what i would consider this villian to do in the long term.

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    i am not rly a cashgame player, but still

    i dont really like the call preflop, either raise or fold is my line there

    on the flop its kind of easy, with ur raise, you dont really represent too much there, draws mostly, maybe a jack to protect

    now you continue with ur aggression eventhough the board comes down i a way, which doesn't help you at all, all the draws miss and he can even exclude a jack from ur range, since u probably won't bet the jack on the river again, cause it makes no sense, so it's kind of easy to put you on a missed draw i think and thats the reason he is calling



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