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5NL Zoom facing river bet

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  • 5NL Zoom facing river bet

    This is a typical expensive situation from 5NL Zoom.

    Is there anyting in my betting line that I could/should have done differently? In particular, should I have bet more (pot size) on the turn?

    Here is what I was thinking at the time:
    My pf raise gets called making me think the villian has a pp better than mine, or an AJs type hand. The flop is great and I assume Im ahead. I have no stats on the villian.

    My bet gets flatted again, so I assume an overpair or flush draw.

    My turn bet getts flatted once again so I am pretty sure Im facing an overpair and way ahead.

    My river bet gets reraised. 1010 fits his range but so do JJ, QQ and maybe some other hands. With so much in the pot I couldnt fold, so I just put him all in and crossed my fingers.

    Roland GTX

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    Hi Roland, Nice spot here, I like the bets on the flop and turn as you likely have the best hand. However I would make them slightly larger edging more towards 2/3 pot; I think this slight increase will make for an easier river decision as you'll be committed and often will be able to shove the river for value. As played I think it's a tough spot. I don't think I would fold here, however I'm probably not putting him all in. I can see why you would but I think I would just err on the side of caution; he played the previous two streets very passively and now raises you. If you are paying him off then minimise losses imo. Nice hand dude. umbup:
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      Hi Roland,

      The click back min-raise looks super strong, without reads I'm not sure I'm putting him the rest of the way in here either. TT, 66, 56s are all in his range. I think we have to pay him off for sure, since he can show up with A5 and maybe stuff like K5s here as well, but I'm not happy getting click-backed on the river. If he was a known huge fish then he's going to have a lot more 5x hands in his range and it gets better for us.

      Not sure how profitable it is to be opening 33 from EP in full ring, depends on the table dynamic and of course in zoom there is no table dynamic so certainly a marginal open at best imo... probably ok in 5nl since there are so many poor players but at higher stakes like 100nl I don't think it's profitable.

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