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2nl Zoom - JJ SB

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  • 2nl Zoom - JJ SB

    I had been doing a lot of work on 3-betting before I lost my internet so I'm kinda annoyed that I'm struggling with it again. Anyway I'm not sure whether this is a really easy spot and I'm just out of practice, or if it is a difficult spot.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I had no reads on the villain so when he raises a standard amount I'm really unsure whether to call or 3-bet. 3-betting - If I 3-bet to my standard amount 3.5X his raise (as I'm OOP) it means he can easily shove putting me to a tough decision. Also if he just calls the 3-bet then I have to play in a bloated pot OOP which will be particularly horrible if an overcard falls on the flop. Call - However I don't like flatting either as it means I'm playing in a pot OOP without initiative. If an overcard falls I'll be unsure how to play it as i'm OOP and it means it'll be harder to extract value when one doesn't come. Still unsure what to do here so any help would be appreciated Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    JJ is a hand I'm often unsure about and a lot of it is opponent specific. In position I might 3bet to 2.5x because it's still a large cbet and isn't looking at many calls unless he is a fish in which case the bet is still good.

    OOP I'm flat calling and having a look at the flop, if the JJ is an overpair I'll lead out and re-evaluate on the turn. If there is an overcard I might check-call one street and again re-evaluate the turn, or if its the sort of board that someone will likely hit then I might just fold to a flop bet and save my money for a better spot.

    QQ+ I'm always 3-betting but TT & JJ depends entirely on the opponent, and postflop play is also opponent specific, my standard line is to flat and see how it goes, try get a cheap showdown or flop nice, and take notes if i do get a showdown so i know how i can play against this player in the future.


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      Hi Oliver,

      I think most people tend to 3b this spot, but it's not necessarily the best play all the time. I agree with craig that it's very opponent specific, and of course you have no villain reads. I think I would sometimes opt to flat call here, for the following reasons:

      1) 3-betting bloats the pot a lot since the open is large (4x), and brings us into a low spr spot that we are going to be forced to commit our stack on a lot of flops, in spots where the villain can use his positional advantage to only commit if he's generally ahead of us, giving him a commitment advantage.

      2) Not terribly comfortable responding to a 4b (probably getting it in but not excited readless)

      3) The BB is a fish (based on stack size) so there is value in flatting to invite him into the pot rather than 3-betting and shutting him out... if we call we should have the fishes overcalling range in bad shape, so we can get a lot of good post flop scenarios with this player. Like when they call with Q9 and the flop comes 9 high, we are likely getting this guy's stack.

      With reads it can become clearer. If the opener is a huge fish himself then 3b for value all day long, allowing him to stack off worse pre and creating a low spr for when he calls so now HE gets tied in with his A9 when he calls your 3b and the flop is 9 high or when he can't let go of 88 because he "puts you on AK".
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