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Limit HE JTs - agressive play

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  • Limit HE JTs - agressive play

    Hello, this is my first post and I'd like to share with you a hand that I'm not sure if I played it right.
    It was played at a Spanish Stars Freeroll Hold'em Limit and I would like to see what are you're opinion on this hand.
    thank you.

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    Hi Dragos, welcome to PSO! Thanks for posting, nice to see some limit hold'em action. umbup: I don't like the preflop play personally, JT from early position in a 9 handed game is a fold preflop, opening this type of spot is going to be -EV in all but the most extreme circumstances. Post flop play is fine, it's a bit aggressive but if the opponent is very fishy aggressive it's ok. But generally I would not be 3-betting the turn here, after the villain still wants to raise on what should be a scary card for him if it in fact improved us to the best hand. Most hands that can legitimately raise us on the turn have us beat, they are QJ+, straights, and boats. So again if he's known to raise illegitimately (overplay more marginal hands in spots like this) think 3-betting is ok. Otherwise I would just call his raise, and check/call the river when unimproved. The real problem here is getting involved preflop in the first place. A lot of the action we'll get behind us will be hands that dominate us, as was the case here. Dave
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      **moved to more appropriate forum since it's a limit hand JWK24**

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