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2NL 9-max: JJ shove ?

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  • 2NL 9-max: JJ shove ?

    Hi, 'Villain_8'is a LAG player ho 3-bets a lot. Villain_2 is a super Loose player, and kinda passive, he was playing almost all hands. I've fold this hand, but looking at it later, it seems that I should've shoved.

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    Hi fp ,

    I think you've somewhat hit the nail on the head here. Based on player reads I would continue with this hand, as the 3-bettor is known to do so loose and over-aggressively, so he should have many worse hands in his range. And while a cold call of this nature would normally look very strong, in the case of this villain with the read you have, it seem to just be standard operating procedure for him so it's not necessarily strong... he simply has a hand he wants to see a flop with. I think shoving is too much tbh, no reason to make a huge overbet unless you think the loose-passive fish will call off stacks with garbage (then shove away). But I would definitely like to reopen the betting and 4-bet here... about .65c-.75c is good, it may induce the LAG to shove with a wide range, and it will get called by many worse hands.

    Another very interesting aspect of this hand that's important to note: Villain 2 who is "kinda passive", donks the flop into the preflop aggressor for his entire stack, over 2.5x the size of the pot (a huge overbet), on a JJT 2-diamond board. This sure is a strange action from a player who is mostly passive, what does it mean? While our opponents are left to guess, we have special insight into this spot since we know he can not have a jack. So the only strong made hand possible for him to hold is TT. And if he flopped a boat, so many players would simply check to the preflop 3-bettor and let them fire a continuation bet. And passive players would likely check-call with hands like AT/KT/QT here. So it seems very likely to me he's flopped a draw, possibly a big draw, and is taking an aggressive semi-bluffing line with it. At least he is either semi-bluffing a draw hard, or overplaying Tx. So making such a note can help with your future decisions, if we were to get into a pot with him later where we had QQ and he does this into us on a J high wet board, it would be an easy call now with this new information.
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