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2NL 9max: Slowplaying ?

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  • 2NL 9max: Slowplaying ?

    Hi This flop looked like a very wet one. But I think that if I wasn't beat already (KT). The villain would have very few outs. Should I consider slowplaying ?

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    I wouldn't slow play this hand ever, a lot of worse hands can call, Ax hands, hands like QT, JT, some K combinations, worse 2 pair hands.

    You can get value if you bet here that you would otherwise lose by checking behind, at 2NL the only time i ever slow play is with the absolute nuts against a very aggressive opponent that I know is going to do my betting for me, only slow play if you know money is still going to go in from worse hands.


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      I agree with craig on both points. Don't slow play this hand and and don't slowplay in general at this level.

      There is one important thing to notice with this hand in particular. You are in position and last to act. If you "slowplay" the flop you are giving up any and all opportunity of increasing the pot on this street while you are presumably ahead. Furthermore, the board is coordinated and your hand isn't that strong. By slowplaying you are just giving the villian a free card that might crush your hand.

      Had you been out of position against an aggressive player, then "slowplaying" with a check-raise, or check-call with the intention of betting the turn might be good.

      I ought to mention that I rarely, if ever, slowplay. For example, I had AA last night at 5NL ZOOM and flopped quads. I still fired out a c-bet.


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        I agree completely, generally never slow play a spot like this. There are plenty of worse hands that can give us action, including Ax and KQ, QJ, QT, JT. A K, Q, or T rolling off could beat us or if not, kill our action anyway.

        The only way I would slow play this is if the potential gain clearly outweighed these risks... like in the case where the villain limp calls a lot of weak holdings (and thus has a ton of air in his range on this board) and is also a big bluffer (and a check-behind might well induce 2 streets of bluff value from all that air).
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