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2NL 6max zoom: QQ over pair against ugly river shove

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: QQ over pair against ugly river shove

    Hated this hand, any way i can play it better? Think I should have made bet sizing a little bigger. Just think any hand that i was beating before now got there, being TT and JJ, could be a bluff but i still don't like it.

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    Hi Craig

    If you folded on the river I would say there is no way you could have played the hand better than you did.

    When the flop comes down we definitely have a hand that is worth betting for value, especially when our opponent shows he has a medium strength hand by checking and calling on the flop. On the turn we are still in that value situation, what's more is that there are hands against which we should be betting for protection, hands against which we can get value now but not later depending on the particular river card that comes off the deck.

    So I think your flop bet and turn bet are clear.

    When our opponent moves all-in on the river I have to assume he is not bluffing here very often. We could easily have a J in our hand as well as strong hands like 2p or a set. On the other hand he could certainly have been checking and calling with a hand that has a J in it, notably JJ, but perhaps also something as weak as AJ that picked up a flush draw on the turn. On the river I don't think we will have the best hand often enough to justify calling the river given our price, given that our opponent can have what he is representing, and that we can also have very strong hands on this board.

    As usual it is another spot where notes or reads would help us out. Perhaps we could put our opponent on a frustrated AK some amount of the time. But barring some reason to, I wouldn't in a vacuum.


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      Thanks Gareth, was just getting frustrated, not been running too hot the last couple of days and knew I wasn't playing my A-game, but i thought I'd cut back to one table and think more, and thought i was getting a big pot and wasn't sure if anything was off about my hand.

      I did fold lol.



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