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Sizing pre 4-bet, c-bet

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  • Sizing pre 4-bet, c-bet

    I know the general rule for three bets, but I had no idea how to size my 4-bet and post-flop bet on this hand. Villain #9 I knew to be loose aggressive, the other one I didn't have much of a read.

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    **moved to more appropriate section since member has a ? about a hand JWK24**

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      The usual aim for c-betting is the same for a 3 bet in most cases, maybe a little smaller, with a 3bet and a cold caller I would have raised to about $0.54 here, maybe even a little more, chances are someone is going to call you and you have a monster hand, best to get as much money in preflop as possible as the flop might scare away the villains.


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        Hi Base,

        I good 4b sizing can be around 2.5x the 3b size, in this case a bit more imo since 1) There is a cold caller, 2) the 3-bettor has position on us if he calls, and 3) both opponents are showing great strength and we cooler all strong hands with aces. About .55-.65c to go works for me.

        Post flop just shove, you only have roughly a pot sized bet left and on a wet board like this I think you're committed now. Stinks if one of them flopped a set of Q's or J's, but you'll be getting action from AdKd, KK, AQ that fished in for top pair, and TT. Plus anyone who was fishy enough to call all this action with more marginal hands like AJ will probably by definition be bad enough to stack the rest in now as well. So commit and fingers crossed imo.
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