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3 bet J8o button , get cold called from BB

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  • 3 bet J8o button , get cold called from BB

    heres somthing that just happened that very rarely happens to me, i 3 bet light from button with J8o and then the BB calls, i have a gutshot on flop, and wasnt sure wehter to c bet, as i think if BB cals a 3bet ( is what is called cold calling 3bets?) then they are probaly strong, so i tried to get a free card in positon, then lol ignore the bet on river , villain showed no strenth and i tried to bluff....anyway c-bet flop or not?

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    Hi Taxed,

    As the preflop 3-bettor I definitely prefer c-betting here. If he's hit a strong hand we'll hear from him but then our gut shot doesn't have much value anyway. A lot (most) of his preflop cold calling range doesn't make a strong hand here though (it's called "cold calling", yes). No reads again? Generically I think he's going to have AK, AQ, and a fair bit of medium pocket pairs in his range, only AQ and 99 have improved on this flop, so we give him a chance to fold better hands like AK and 88 by continuing the strength we showed pre.

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      yeah i kinda thought villain mite have qq here or maybe kk, and wanted to see flop with no A, and wasnt sure if i bet i would of got chek raised, im gona try get Holdem manager but i couldnt install it,t=then ill have beter reads for you,
      i have reads when im playing coz im in the zone and watch everyone carefully, only by the time i get on here im not in zone and forget slightly my reads



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