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2NL 9-max: Crazy player

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  • 2NL 9-max: Crazy player

    Hi, I've been playing this table for a while and the villain has shown to be very crazy. And he's done a similar shove some hands before this one (but no against me) I was actually thinking of calling him, cuz he probably had some AT,AJ,AQ type of hand. Thanks

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    If you have seen him make shoves before write that down along with the hands he does it with and type of boards, also is this his only maniac play or does he shove preflop, open lots of pots, raise aggressively etc?

    Only real comment on the hand is that I would have bet the flop, the check makes you look weak, and the 2 coming on the turn does not improve your hand at all, I would attack this if i was that player as well, although maybe not with a shove, you raised UTG, thats like 55+ AQ+? If you check here chances are you either have one overcard, or a lower pair, its a fair play to attack this range. If you bet here he can still be scared of AA, AK, KK, and maybe other K's he puts in your range like KQ.
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      He has shown this crazy aggressiveness when players have shown weakness. But at the same time this shove confused me.

      I don't think that a player in the micros will EVER fold a king there.

      But I think i should've called, since I'd beat the range of Ax,QJ,JT and other complete bluffs which this player was certainly capable of.


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        I don't really like the check call to be honest.
        Bet out on the flop, it's a value bet, if he is looking for weakness you can get value from possibly Aces and possibly lower pocket pairs looking to see what you do. Calling the shove is dangerous though, it's a close one for me.


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          Hi fp,

          This all comes down to reads. Without reads I'm folding here for sure. But in this case I think calling is fine, you have a guy who has been doing this frequently, doing it when shown weakness, and if he actually held a K then making this huge overbet makes no sense if he thinks your hand is weak. He's expecting you to fold to this bet, so disappoint him and call. This could be a weird bluff line attacking weakness, or a worse pocket pair that thinks it's ahead right now and want's to either get you to fold your 2 overs or call off with an ace (2 pair/ace kicker). Or an ace high himself that thinks, because you checked the flop, that you have ace high as well and he's chopping if you call.

          At any rate, you have to be good roughly half the time here, and given the read and profile, you probably are. Definitely don't fault you for folding though. And of course if in this hand you actually had AK, then checking to him and showing weakness is a nice adjustment to exploit this tendency of his.

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