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2 NL 6 Max River vs LP

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  • 2 NL 6 Max River vs LP

    Hi, villain was playing 27/7 after 73 hands, AF: 1.9, Flop FCB: 100% (4) until he called my cbet this hand. I decided to go for the semi bluff 2 streets as I had the nut flush draw. Was thinking could get value from his flush draw and there was fold equity as well. I rivered TPWK, checked it and villain bets 1/2 pot. Thought for some time, decided to lay it down begrudgingly. He could have Ace with better kicker, turned trips with an 8, or even turned boat with 99 or 44. Is this too nitty? Is a river call justifiable?

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    I hate playing these hands out of position, on flop you have nut flush draw and backdoor straight as well as an overcard, so good enough to bet. However I think your bet sizing is a little too low, there are a lot of flush draws out there, and a possible straight draw, as well as lots of overcards that could call, I would make it like $0.13-0.14 on the flop.

    On the turn you don't improve, I think I might just check here and call a reasonable sized bet, I don't think if he has called the flop that he will fold the turn.

    On the river when you check and he bets I'm 100% calling, you've bet and now shown weakness, he could bluff with lots of busted draws as well as a pair of 9's, leading out there is a good chance he will fold these hands as he doesn't really have showdown value, but showing weakness and checking to him allows him to make bluff plays with these hands that we can call off, and I think it's +ev.


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      This is just my 2 cents

      FOLD pre flop
      Ace with low kicker, not suited, not good position and playing 2NL. To me that's a gambling hand, pretty close to 50/50.

      Another thing I noticed, there's only 3 of you at the table, I usually leave when there's 4 or less. Unless you're a very good heads up player than stay. At 3 players, the orbits come very fast, so you need to gamble more.

      If it's your style, than betting 11 cents on the flop is way to low at this stake. I would of bet 30 cents and if he calls, than fold if he bets on the turn.

      Like I said, just my 2 cents


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        $0.30 into an $0.18 pot Sand?
        Is this normal for you (trying to figure out how yo get such an insane profit at 2nl zoom :P)


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          Originally posted by craig121212 View Post
          $0.30 into an $0.18 pot Sand?
          Is this normal for you (trying to figure out how yo get such an insane profit at 2nl zoom :P)
          Like I said, if I was to gamble with such cards (which I wouldn't) and playing at theses stakes, an 11 cent bet is peanuts to most players and they are going to call, so why not make them pay for calling? Also, making such a bet, you need to know to fold if it doesn't work, that's were most players fail to do so.

          Even though the strategy is the same, I think the values change in stake. If instead of an 18 cent pot it was $18 than $11 makes lots more sense. Same goes for betting pre flop, at a lower stake you often see 4x and at higher stakes you see 2.5x

          Sure there's text book play, but you need to adjust to the players, tables and your style of play. The most important thing, is to set goals when you start a session (time, money and more)

          I did learn form lots of venues, but I'm not a text book player, as I've adjusted my game to suit my goals, not on money money money... (OK a bit of money....LOL)



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