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5nl 6-Max Zoom Semi-Bluffing Suited Gappers on a Draw - Part 1

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  • 5nl 6-Max Zoom Semi-Bluffing Suited Gappers on a Draw - Part 1

    I just read this thing on the internet about how sometimes if you reraise with a draw, then people might fold - but nobody ever does. And then the pot's been getting jacked up and go turtle on the turn when my odds diminish. This doesn't feel ideal Overall (with draws sometimes hitting by the river and sometimes not), will it tend to be better to call-call? Or call-reraise? Or reraise-reraise? Or take the same line I did but with different sizing? (PS I called the 3bet with T7s because I saw somebody else do it to me and decided to be experimental ... not sure that was +EV or that I would do it again umbup Villain's HUD info: [P] Called 2Bet from blinds range {AQo} (1) [P] Called 3Bets in position {AQo} (1) [F] Donks flop with top pair or better (1) [F] Raised Flop Cbet w/Overpair or less & no draw (1) I have another hand from 2nl that played like a 5nl hand where my odds on the turn were better (except I didn't know it), where I take the same line I read about in the internet LOL. I guess we're not supposed to post two hands in one thread, but since my question's more of a concept question I didn't know how much different factors might stuff? Here's the 2nl hand: Sam
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    Hi Sam In my replayer it is showing you as having opened the pot and getting flat called from the sb. If you had been three-bet with T7s I would definitely recommend a fold. Our hand is simply too weak to continue with, even with position. Let's talk about a more general concept, fold equity. Fold equity is really going to dictate whether you want to play your draws fast (betting and raising, even re-raising) or slow (calling and if necessary, folding). What is fold equity? Fold equity is the possibility that when you bet or raise, your opponent folds a certain amount of time. When your opponent folds a certain amount of the time, betting and raising your draws make more sense: you can win when they fold or when they call and you hit. When your opponent doesn't fold often, if at all, you can only win when you hit, and he might raise you off your draw as well. Some typical examples of boards with fold equity against most ranges: A72 445 K84 Some typical examples of boards where fold equity is likely to be low: QJ9 T97 678 So we can see that this board falls into the second category, look its the first example! Fancy that. In any case, for this reason I would not raise the flop, I don't expect my opponent to bet a QJ9 flop and fold to a raise very often. What hand could he bet that folds to a raise? Instead I would like to use our position and call on the flop. The same goes for the turn, which you did umbup:. On the river I would just go all-in to get the most money out of our flush. Hopefully this distinction and idea of fold equity makes sense. Playing draws always fast or slow isn't clear cut, sometimes one is better than another. Fold equity is the biggest tool we can use to figure out which way to go.


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      Wow ... umbup: umbup: umbup: I read about fold equity on the internet too, but gosh it's been a lot harder trying to put all these new concepts into practice. And then to try and do it all at the same time ... I was too busy looking at my HUD for a change to hardly even notice the board That's how I've been deciding when to cbet too - I didn't cbet much at all at 2nl, so I've been so focused on trying to keep my cbet stat up around 65%-70% that I don't think I've been remembering to look at the board. That sounds so weird (lol) but it's all so new ... it sounds like I have things backwards, eh? Like I should be looking first at the board texture, and then the HUD stats ought to be taking care of themselves? It made so much more sense before I had to try and explain the logic of that out loud ... and fail No wonder nobody's been folding much - I'll bet if were to go back and look all the times my cbets got called, they'd tend to be like the ones in the second category Thanks Gareth ... that really helped a lot!!! umbup: umbup: PS Oh the 3bet was a different T7s ... can we pretend I never mentioned that? LOL
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        No problem Sam Happy to help umbup:



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