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2NL 6max zoom: KK against turn shove

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: KK against turn shove

    Here is the hand: Don't run a HUD, but don't have any notes on this player.

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    Hi Craig,

    Before I post at length, I can't see if the third villain in the pot folded to the river shove. Do you know if they did? Thanks


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      Sorry, I hadn't realised that I cut that out.
      Villain 3 folds.


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        No worries Craig

        I think it would be very difficult to find a fold here.

        Here is some rough PokerStove work. You can download PokerStove for free, just search for it in google. Basically what I am doing here is plugging in a range of hands which your opponent could conceivably play in this way and seeing how, on this board, your kings fare against that range.

        If we calculate your price you have to call 1.68 to win 2.64. That means our equity has to be at least

        1.68/ (1.68+2.64)
        1.68/ 4.32

        ~39% in order to make a profitable call.

        Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

        2,112 games 0.001 secs 2,112,000 games/sec

        Board: 8h 5h 6c 3s

        equity win tie pots won pots tied
        Hand 0: 47.727% 47.73% 00.00% 1008 0.00 { KdKs }
        Hand 1: 52.273% 52.27% 00.00% 1104 0.00 { 99-33, AhKh, 97s+, 86s+, 76s, 65s }

        If we look at the pot odds we are presented with we should have a reasonably profitable call here. I don't think our opponent always plays his sets this way or always plays his combination pair+draw hands this way. But either way he can play both and he might have some more flush draws as well that I give him credit for.

        In general it is hard to put our opponent on a hand range. I think we can rule out bluffs entirely, but the strength of his holding is unclear. With the pot so big and so many possibilities I would prefer we give him less credit and call.


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          I use pokerstove, but usually more for preflop spots, or to see afterwards if i got it in good or not when i bust :P.

          I wasn't really sure what range to give him here, that was the main problem I had with this hand.

          I did make the call and the river was the 10 of diamonds. He had 88 for top set on turn.



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