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NL2 FR set- funny line

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  • NL2 FR set- funny line

    do u think this is funny line after the guy raises me on flop, i go for the check raise on turn as i knew by feel he was gonna bet turn, i could have led out again or check called but i check raise, then when a 3rd flush card comes out on river i just push the rest in maybe i should check here coz a flush makes sense for his raise on flop altho the ace flush card is there i m more thinking he has some sort of ace?

    just curous about my line, i check raise in this spot quite alot.

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    Hi Taxed,

    I don't really like the tricky line here, with an ace on board + a flush draw, I would actually prefer to take a bet/3b line right on the flop. This villain is most likely on a flush draw or decent ace to raise on the flop, and as I don't expect them to release any of this to a flop 3b by us, go ahead and make it to get them hooked in deeper right now and give them a chance to get stacks in as well.

    Sometimes people will raise this flop with a flush draw as a semi-bluff, but when you (the preflop raiser) calls, they will believe you have at worst (and most likely) AK/AQ type hands, and will (if they are smart) check behind the turn with their flush draws and take a free card... which of course is a disaster for you. In this case he bet the turn, but he was not on a draw AND he could beat AK, so of course he bet again for value. It worked nicely because of his actual holding, but I think in the long run you're costing yourself some value with this line when opponents check back their draws and AT type hands.
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      thanks dave good to see others opinion, i agree with the 3 bet flop line, usually i would do this i just trying diffrent lines to try get more money as i get alot of folds somtimes wen show alot of strenght.!
      I try and stik to a thing i learnt before......''try and lose the least money in the pots u loose and try win the most money in pots u win''.!



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