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Should I have seen this coming?

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  • Should I have seen this coming?

    I was a little eager, this was one of the first hands I had even played at the table and I was disappointed to bust out so quick.

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      To be honest I don't really 3bet KQs, especially against an UTG open.
      The 4bet I would 100% fold.
      On the flop, its quite scary, hits a lot of his range, I would go for about 1/2 pot here, as if someone has missed or has like QQ or JJ they will fold here, anyone that continues I think has you beat.

      And any further streets I would fold.


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        Hi BK

        I think the signs were there. Preflop I think the best options are calling or folding. We have an unknown villain (I assume no history prior to this table, and you said this was one of your first hands here) who is opening for a 4x the big blind raise from the UTG position. This is usually indicative of real strength, the likes of which has KQ in poor shape. That said, KQs plays ok in position, and a call might induce some overcalls from the players behind you (and KQs plays well multi-way). So I'm ok with a call or fold here. I don't like 3-betting because we are not going to fold out many (or maybe any) better hands and the villain's position and raise indicate he's mostly got better hands.

        When he makes the small 4-bet, I think we probably have to let it go here. This action sequence screams monster, and this is the biggest warning sign for us. He's making the price look very attractive, but the money isn't really deep enough. If I did call, the saving graces to that are that I have position, and I expect I need to out flop aces.

        Post flop I would generally just be checking... too much chance he's slowplaying a set of aces or kings when he shows massive strength preflop then checks on an AKx flop. If he's checking because he's got QQ, he's not going to call a bet by us anyway, and a free card is not a big deal since he would have only 1 out. Once you did bet and he doesn't fold, I think there's no chance our hand is good now, I think we have to cut our losses and not put any more money in the pot.

        Hope this helps.

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