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55 Set Mine - Miss Flop - Odds Required to Call in Multi-Way Pot?

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  • 55 Set Mine - Miss Flop - Odds Required to Call in Multi-Way Pot?

    2NL Full Ring regular table (Not ZOOM) I have pocket fives in middle position. Player to my right at UTG+2 raises to $0.06, I am next to act and call to set mine with pocket fives. Player behind me min reraises to $0.12 and is called by the small blind and the original raiser. I call another $0.06 into the pot believing I still have pretty good odds to set-mine as the original raiser, who I have position on - is deeper stacked than me and we both have above the maximum table bring-in of 250BBs. I miss the flop - so the plan is to just give up to any bet. The pre-flop reraiser bets small - $0.10 into a $0.50 pot and both other opponents call, making the pot $0.80 with me needing to call $0.10 to see another card. Should I call one more? It feels like I have already spewed a bit calling preflop to the reraise but I would be closing the flop action. If I call and miss on the turn I will have to get away - but I am not sure what odds/implied odds I need to call on the flop. Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    Hi Edin

    I think you played the hand correctly, assuming your next move was to press that fold button.

    Like you say, you are getting a good price to see the flop. Only 6 more to potentially win 2$ from one player, 50c from the three-better, and a full stack from the third player in the pot as well.

    Given all that you can definitely call to see if you flop a set. Like you said, when you don't flop a set, the vast majority of the time, (an exception being a 436 type flop), you should be looking to check and fold.

    As strong as your hand will be when you have a flopped set in this situation, your hand will be just as weak when you don't. You should be aware of this going into the flop, that is, when you make the decision to call the re-raise. That way, you won't have too tough a time convincing yourself to let it go after the flop



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