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10NL 6 Max AK multiway confused

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  • 10NL 6 Max AK multiway confused

    Hi all, another hand I've been thinking about. Didn't include the results so it will not affect your judgements These are the stats when I reviewed the hand, not sure about the actual playing moment stats. Villain 1: 671 hands, 28/21, AF: 3.0, F3B: 27% (11), Flop FCB: 47%, Turn FCB: 60%, River FCB: 100% Villain 4: 76 hands, 23/19, AF: 11.0, 3B: 8.7% (23), Flop CB: 100% (4), Turn CB: 33% (3), River CB: 100% (1) Preflop: I opted to flat the PFR, partially for deception and I wanted Villain 5 who is a LAG fish to enter the pot. However, got squeezed small by Villain 4. To be honest, I couldn't put Villain 4 on a range as it was such a small squeeze. I was thinking AA or KK would have squeezed larger, but he could have slowplayed the monster, bet small to keep both of us in the pot. On the other hand, he could be squeezing QQ, JJ and AK, AQ, hence the small bet size. I didn't have a plan for the hand and was timing out, hence just flat behind. Flop: We flopped TPTK, I just called the cbet behind. Turn: Was a blank, checked to PFR. River: Since all checked on the turn, I decided to bet small for thin value. 1) I'm pretty confused about my Preflop play. Should I have either folded my AKo, or decided to 4bet-fold? But I was thinking I shouldn't turn my AKo into a 4bet bluff as I was afraid of getting 5bet, running into AA or KK. Is this a right thinking? Thus was flatting behind an option? 2) On Pokerstove, I put the ranges of Villain 1 as JJ-22, AJs, KJs+, QJs, AJo+, KJo+, QJo. Villain 4: 22+, AJs+, AJo+. By the river, I was 70% favourite to win, Villain 1 15%, Villain 4 15%. We'll split the pot with AK, but lose to AA, KK, JJ. I was hoping that a weaker King like KQ or Kx would call, 2nd pair QJ and JTo, or QQ would call. Based on Pokerstove, we're the BIG favourite. However, upon reflection, I thought that betting on the river for thin value was too optimistic. Perhaps the best option was to 3bet UTG raiser. But given that I flat the UTG raise, what are your thoughts about the preflop action and if the river bet is way too thin? I worry that making such river bets is one of my major leaks in the game! Long post but thanks in advance!

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    I would not three-bet this hand against an UTG raiser, we don't in general want to narrow his range too much. When villain 4 three-bets and UTG just calls, we definitely have the option of four-betting and getting all-in. This is based on his three-bet %.

    I don't mind calling as well. We have a hand that flops ok in this situation and we should be able to navigate postflop reasonably well.

    When the turn checks through and it checks to you on the river, I would feel fine betting for value. We should aim not to bet too larger and that's what you've done. Both players have a) shown interest in the pot preflop and postflop but b) haven't been willing to go to the mat with their hands, despite the opportunity. Because of that on this board I would rate my AK to be best often enough to bet for value. I am looking to be called by KQ and QQ most often as well as AJ or JX on occasion.


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      Thanks. The small squeeze made me worry about facing premiums like AA or KK. Glad that you would have done the same thing on the river. Results were that after my bet, both folded.


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        You are definitely right that the small squeeze preflop can often be KK or AA. But once the hand plays this way postflop, there are two kings out of the deck and one ace, I don't think we should worry about it too much anymore.



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