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A bad call and then a four bet semi bluff turns good.

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  • A bad call and then a four bet semi bluff turns good.

    I've just moved up a level from 2c/5c to 5c/10c a little early in terms of BRM as I only have $220 (having started with a roll of $50 about 10 days ago) but very concious of the fact that I would drop back down a level if the $40 I was investing in 5c/10c didn't work out. I have the cashier window open whilst I'm playing and keep a constant watch on exactly what is happening to my roll as I play. I feel really comfortable at the new level and enjoying the surprisingly marked difference from 2c/5c. There are more good players who are really easy to spot and seemingly, this evening at least (maybe it's the Friday factor?!) more really bad ones than at the lower level. I guess it's understandable why I called in this spot but I can hear Dave saying over and over 'don't pay them off' (just before he was saying value, value, value). It was sort of useful though because the Villain kept slow playing his hands and then betting large and late so I was much more aware when in a hand against him after this one. Of course he may not always of had it but at least he also didn't have my chips. I hadn't been at the table long either when I made the call so I didn't know what he was like. This one was just jaw dropping. I four bet semi-bluffed the guy as he was playing crazy, I mean crazy. That's all I need to say really, you'll see just how crazy in the hand..... Watching it back again now makes me laugh out loud!!
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    A quick update to my own post.

    Well, I may feel comfortable at 5c/10c but it's back to 2c/5c for me with the $185 I've got left in my roll!!

    You can imagine the list of hands, AA beaten by trips, QQ into KK twice, KK beaten by AK along with a couple of badly played hands on my part. Hey ho! It was fun though and I look forward to grinding back up to that level and having another go hopefully very soon.



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      I seem to like commenting on my own hands so I've started a blog!!


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        Hi Kev,

        If posting hands for analysis, please only do 1 hand per thread.

        Just fold the river, the overbet just screams value so it sure looks like he's got a king. Assume that big river bets are value bets, until you see a player doing differently.

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          Hi Dave. Yes, sorry about that. I realised that it was more of a sharing post than a proper hand analysis post, that's why I've started a blog so I don't keep bugging you guys unnecessarily!!

          Yeh, crazy call on my part.I'm getting better though, at suppressing my default stance which seems to be one not believing oponents! Or at least realising that even if I don't believe them it's really not in my interest to give them chips to find out.

          Cheers, K.



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