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Turn bet sizing wrong?

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  • Turn bet sizing wrong?

    Hi y'all. This is a 'spew in mouth' hand for sure, but did I get my turn bet sizing/tactics wrong? It was one of those spots where I was v happy to get top two against this guy (in fact both of the villains) who I'd labeled as proper fishy and who's stats were lit up, as Frosty put's it, 'like a freakin christmas tree.

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    Hi there,

    To be honest I think everything is great here, just unlucky that he got there, most hands that a fishy player plays could beat you here, the flush got there, and hands that JT that they might continue with as well. Think the check back on the river is correct.

    If the player is a calling station I think I might actually make the turn bet a bit bigger to like $2.30 as I think they'll call that as well, and you get more value when they don't get there.


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      I hear ya. Thanks Craig



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        I like your play here. On the turn you’re looking to get calls from Kx's or even lower two pairs. If he check-raised you on the turn I think it would be a fold, but it was correct to bet for value against the 1 pair and 2 pair hands you beat and also to be charge any single spade draws. As Craig said, if they are a calling station feel free to up your turn bet to get as much value as possible as I would expect to be beating him the majority of the time. Also very good check on the river, well played, shame about the result.


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          Hi, I think your play is fine as well, and agree that a bit bigger turn bet sizing is preferable vs. a huge fish as they will pay it with so many worse hands. If the villain check-raises the turn, this is just a fold, especially if he's a passive fish. Not really wanting to get 250 bb's in here with only 2 pair on this board with that type of aggression being shown. Definitely like checking down the river, he's never folding better hands and the way the board has run out, it's really hard for even a fish to call with much worse. Raise flop, bet/fold turn, check back the awful river. umbup: Dave
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            Thanks gents. Sounds like we all agree that it was just the turn bet size that was slightly at fault, which is what I was unsure about.

            I guess there is the chance that if the turn bet was visibily higher i.e. over $2 as suggested, for value it may also have had the added benefit of deterring him to call one more time for his (none nut) flush. Highly unlikely I know, against these fishy guys, but still an added positive aspect of getting that all important sizing just right.

            PSO rocks!

            Cheers K.



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