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2NL - FR - AQ hand review

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  • 2NL - FR - AQ hand review

    Hi all: I am having a really hard time to evaluate this hand and how should be the best way to proceed with it. I had some discussions in the Full Ring team results thread and Dave recommended me to post it here so here it is. Some numbers against the villain: Stats: 42/4 after 98 hands. I definitively think that I made a big mistake when raising all in in the river but beside that how should you play this hand against this kind of opponent ? Doesn't look like I could scare him off on the flop by check raising or if thats what I really want to do or if I should just be more cautious and keep the pot smaller, idk. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Riv,

    Thanks for posting it here. So the info you gave are preflop stats that indicate the villain is quite loose passive pre. In this hand he is min 3-betting your open. This type of action from a fish that is very passive is usually going to be a super strong hand, so would not be surprised to see AA or KK here. Still I think AQ is too strong to fold pre for this price, vs. a huge fish, not being 100% sure it's AA.

    With this flop I would actually prefer to lead right into him. He will probably bet AA or KK, but he's passive by nature so he may not bet large enough, or he may check back with AK or JJ type of hands. But he's probably calling with all of it, and you can get in a nice 2/3rd to 3/4 pot bet in which is more than he'll probably bet himself.

    Really don't like the strength he's showing on the river, but he's probably bad enough to stack off AA or AK here so I think getting the money in is ok, although I'm not excited about it. Super passive players who are showing aggression, particularly on the river, have a big hand. The real question is would he consider AA or AK big enough. With a flush possible, it's pretty thin. Looks a lot like KK to me.

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