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10NL 6 Max River dilema again

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  • 10NL 6 Max River dilema again

    Villain: 73 hands, 33/29, AF: 3.0, CB: 86% (7), flop FCB: 0% (3) So he's pretty aggressive in short. River he bets a normal sized 60%. With his aggression, I kind on put him on TP or a bluff that his flush draw got there. What would you have done? I'm pretty weak at making river decisions as seen also from the few previous hands posted. Whenever villain makes a sizeable bet on the river at 10NL, does it usually mean they have a very strong hand?

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    Again, I'm not one of the analysers so this is just a comment from a fellow player who's trying hard to improve.

    I think you had to call that bet on the river. My feeling (and that's all it is!) is that that is going to be a profitable call in the long run against a player like that. Also, even though you knew you might be crushed by the flush (or even the straight) it was very valuable seeing that he called you down all the way with an under pair and no club.

    Hard spot but I think you did the right thing check calling at the end. It will be interesting to see what the proper analysers have to say about the way the hand played out. Maybe your flop bet should have been a bit higher to guard against draws and for info?

    Hmmmm, interesting stuff. Good luck. K.
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      Check-calling the river is probably good play here, one other play that could be good on the river is a bet-fold.


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        Hey Awesome

        I want to start with the flop decision, which sets up some of your other decisions. You mentioned in your OP that villain is aggressive and had c-bet over 80% in your sample. Why then, if he is going to c-bet a lot, did we lead out with our set? It seems to me that if we check we can expect him to continuation bet often at which point we will be able to check-raise our set. This will allow us to get more money on the flop when we have a very strong hand and want to build a pot.

        On the river I would be much more content to bet myself and fold to a raise, than to check and call a bet. If we are checking to call a bet one or two things have to be true:

        1 Our opponent is value betting worse hands
        2 Our opponent is bluffing with worse hands

        If one or both of these things are true then our opponent will bet hands we beat, but if neither is, he will not, and we can't check-call. On the other hand, if our opponent will call a bet with a worse hand, hands like AA,KK,QQ,AJ,JT, then we can bet the river ourself for value, in order to fold to a river raise.

        That's the option I prefer and I would often on occasion, check the river with the intention of folding to a bet of a reasonable size.


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          Thanks all. Again new insights to thought processes



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