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An active/fun hand with ATo in BB

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  • An active/fun hand with ATo in BB

    This was an interesting spot from yesterday. Couldn't have gone better for me, other than loosing the hand! It was completely read based against a classic crazy Russian. Now I admit my ranging skills need a lot of work, it's my main goal at the mo. QJ was not what I thought I was up against. When I shuved and he called I assumed he must be on T9 and was ready to type 'nh' in the chat box! K.
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    Hi Kev,

    Actually, he shoved the turn (effectively). He bet/3b the flop, then led the turn for 1.95 (55% of his remaining stack) leaving 1.60 behind, so it's no surprise that he calls your shove at this point with any holding he's gotten this far with.

    Given the action there's reason to be concerned about a better hand, but as your line was read based and he was wild, so it's fine. If he's going to show up with worse tens, overplayed worse pairs, and all draws in this spot then you're ok getting it in on the turn here for sure.

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      If your assuming he has T9 when he calls here then shoving is not the correct play. We only want to bluff our hands which don't have much showdown value, this is not one of those hands.

      We want to bet for value with hands like trips top kicker. That means trying to get worse hands to call.

      But if you shove and he only has 1/4-1/5 of the pot behind, chances are he is going to call with worse.


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        You guys think about the ratios and the math (or maths as we say here!!) so much more than I do.

        Note to self; work on ranging AND the math. Oh, as well as folding out of marginal spots, not C betting too much, picking the right spots for 3 betting etc. etc. etc.!!

        Thanks for the input, invaluable as ever




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