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10NL 6 Max Turn Check-Raise

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  • 10NL 6 Max Turn Check-Raise

    Villain 2: 304 hands, 41/28, AF: 2.2 1) When turned top set on the turn, was it right to bet to build up the pot and not pot control? 2) Turn faced with small raise and river small bet. Combos like 86, T8, JT or any lower set would have turn raised too. Small river bet totally made me confused, either he wanted me to call badly or it could be an attempt to steal the pot. With top set, was it ok to raise the river in this case?

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    Hey I don't play 10NL so might not be great advice.

    1) Yes definitely bet out try get as much money in as possible.

    2) On the turn I'm actually thinking what hands does the J improve. Bluffing or even semi-bluffing a double barrel seems quite risky so unless you play regularly and he tries to bluff at you I wouldn't think it was.

    The only hands the J really improves to the point where they want to raise the turn rather than seeing a river is Q9, and i think most of the time they have that hand here. Other alternatives are a flopped straight or a flopped set and they were giving you the chance to put money in and then raising turn so they could put money in on river.

    I still think we are behind a lot of the time here. And with the river bet that screams value to me. If I wasn't happy folding here i would just call to see showdown and pray I'm good, I don't think many worse hands are calling a shove on the river.


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      Hi Awesome The majority of hands that get posted in this forum I find myself advocating to fold or pot control a hand where a PSO member has put in a lot more money than they should. This is actually a situation where I would be going broke much more happily than you. I like your river raise size. A non-shove is going to be much more tempting for this player type to call. Also, our opponent can almost never have KQ, so it is either Q9 or 79that beats us and those are very unlikely holdings. On the turn what is more important to me is we have many hands he will be willing to go with drawing dead, whether it is T8, JT, or worse sets. So this is a situation where I am willing to go broke with top set, but not third set, if that makes sense. I like your play at every point, I would always continue to bet for value. I would probably have put the third bet in on the turn as played though and been happy to get the money in. I would read into his river bet size the same as you. Often he has a hand like AT or A8 when he makes a play like this. With AF = 2.2 I would not be willing to just peg him as a player who we can expect to never bluff or never bet/call a worse hand. Some players might even be willing to play under sets this way, afraid of putting their stack in on the river,but feeling they have a strong hand nonetheless worthy of a bet. Sorry if these aren't the most productive comments umbup: but when I have a very very strong hand, I like to put a lot of money in the pot. What can I say, I'm a nit.


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        @craig121212: River bet totally made me confused lol and I couldn't fold my set on the spot. Was surprised he only called my raise and didn't go all in

        @Gareth: I guess the Jack on the turn did improve his hand, but we're still beating several other combinations like possible 2 pairs and lower sets. He would have played them the same way too. Q9, 97 are just 2 of the many combos he could hold, so we're still ahead most of the time
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