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AA - The good and the bad!!

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  • AA - The good and the bad!!

    Hi all. Just thought I'd share a couple of hands from my cash games yesterday. I was multi tabling 8 tables at the time, which I'm new to and was using Table Ninja too, which I'm also new to. Both pocket rockets. One that I think I played well and one that I think I should have got away from though there were good reasons why I didn't. This is kind of self explanatory really. Nice to watch!! Not for the guy who tried to slow play top set on the flop though. What would I have done if he had raised the flop? Hard to say. I'm not sure I would have given him credit for trip Qs as he didn't raise pre, so the hand may have played out the same whatever happened.... This was not so sweet..... The villain had not been at the table long but he was very spewy so I was itching to find a hand to take all his chips. At that point there was probably nothing going to get between me, my aces and all my chips ending up in the middle, not even pictures of a topless Kate Middleton. Unfortunately it cost me my stack to discover that he was actually a very accomplished LAG player. I played on several tables with him after that and he was good, not spewy at all really, just very LAG. So, though it still hurts now that I didn't get away from the hand maybe it was good value in the long run.... What do y'all think?
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    Hi, very nice hand #1. nice to watch indeed

    The other hand with AA in BB, Firstly, from the read you had on him initially that he is spewy, i think its fine to go along with your read and sometimes you will be right or wrong.

    However, personally i would Raise bigger preflop, pot was 0.37, i would charge the LAG the maximum with his small pockets. making it maybe around 0.80, this might get them to fold but its super hard playing AA oop with 2 people behind you.
    Secondly, no matter how spewy or loose the guy is, once he calls a big bet on flop, i would probably opt to check call and re evaluate on river depending on his bet sizing.
    His call really might have AQ in his range, that why i would check call, and i would have all the Sets in his range, so i can still miraculously hit my 2 outer too.
    The raise on turn, is Never gonna be profitable i feel.

    When your multitabling, which i do, dont be shy to let your pocket rockets, i went for a whole week where all my pocket AA lost, even lost AA vs 72 !


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      Hi there. I completely agree with your analysis there, and that's why I feel disappointed with my play rather than it was 'fair enough' even under the circumstances.

      I'm really working on my cash game at the moment having mostly been into MTTs in the past and so I think there is still a bit of over valuing AA as a hand in general. I'm just not good enough at laying it down yet, but hey, this hand will certainly help me to lay it down in future.

      My graph for the week was looking pretty good and this hand cost me far too much no matter what he had. I'm going to try and value my dollar worth so much more from now on and be prepared to lay hands down to preserve my roll even if there is a chance I'm laying down the best hand and wait for the spots where I'm happy to invest my chips with more confidence that I'm ahead.

      There was a had with QQ that I layed down last night which hopefully suggests that I might actually be improving in that department already....

      We'll see. Thanks for the feedback, it's good to share :-)


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        QQ laydown is step 1
        Next is KK then AA

        Dont worry bro, we are all still learning, when you stop learning is when you should be concerned


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          Hi Kev,

          I agree that the LAG is looking strong when he puts in a big turn raise in the face of all this action. Part of the issue here is the deep stacks (starting the hand 258 bb's deep and the villain covers), so even though you've made a sizable 3b preflop and gotten 2 callers, the stack to pot ratio with the villain is still high, around 9. Which makes this very difficult to play AA well out of position. If the read was that he's spewy I can't fault you for getting it in (and don't worry about the early read being wrong, you can only work on the info you have at the time of the decisions and that's the early info you had), however if he's LAG spewy it might maximize value to check-call the turn and river... you're still going to lose to his better hands, but in this manner you allow him to semi-bluff and bluff when he's floating the flop, gaining value from his bluff range (this has tangible value vs. a spewy LAG, they tend to bluff way too much when they smell weakness and your line will look a lot like AK or JJ if you do this).

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            Hi Dave.

            Yep. I feel I gained a huge leap of experience in that one hand. Already since then I applied the sort of tactics mentioned above i.e. "I may well be behind here but I just can't lay it down" with a bit of "I want to see what I'm up against, I need that info" thrown in there too.

            There is an interesting spot in one of Frostie's videos where he says "OK, I'm pretty sure I'm behind here with KK but I'll call it for the sake of the training for you guys watching the video....." and it turns out he is not behind at all. It's not a reason for calling when you think you are behind of course but sometimes I'm thinking that the check calling route that you are promoting has that aspect to it too.

            I think it is just about passable that I did what I did because of my read, but only just. It was a lot of dollars to spend and a little more thought and a little less emotive reasoning could have saved those chips for a better spot.

            But I did learn a lot from it and you guys are helping to cement that lesson in to my reasoning for future similar spots

            Thanks, K.



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