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2NL Zoom AK Small Blind

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  • 2NL Zoom AK Small Blind

    Dealt AKo in the small blind with a couple of limpers and no raise.

    I've grown to loathe AK and that influenced my decision to limp in myself.

    The flop hits QTJ rainbow and I am nearly giddy with delight, make a small raise to .04c, the bb folds and the initial limper reraises to .10c and his other mid position comrade calls. With the hand I have I feel safe to reraise to .32c and immediately get 4bet to .54c. I elect to call at this stage rather than shoving the remainder of my stack. The late position limper has got out of the way by this stage.

    The turn card is a 9. I check here, unsure if he will fold to a bet given the board, also thinking he may possibly bet again because I have slowed down, he checks and the river is a 5.

    I bet .74c into the $1.27 pot and he calls and I take the pot.

    I think I missed the added value though of taking his entire stack. I could have shoved all-in on the flop? I should have bet the turn? I should have shoved the river?

    I've probably explained it pretty horribly but the replayer will fill in the gaps. I'd appreciate some views on how I played the hand.

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    Hi, AK suited on unsuited i do not like it so much also, But its still always gonna be +ev to raise it oop (especially once you move up stakes), but just play it more carefully post flop. Im not sure what the villain had, but once he re raises you twice on the flop, the guy is super strong here im confident he has QJ/JJ/QQ, im super shoving the flop there, if not, then the turn, im donk shoving. There is an arguement to not scare him away from sticking more money in, but his flop action suggests he is super strong, and when a guy plays this way, i would not take a chance of a A/K/9 coming off which could kill my action. and actually you do not want the board pairing cause im sure he will fill his boat up that shoving is best to let him make the mistake or drawing out on you Shove it on the flop and think no moreumbup:


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      Hi, I too would raise preflop here, we're letting them off the hook for limping in with marginal hands, missing preflop value, and keeping the pot super small which costs us post flop value when we flop the best hand (and we'll do that more often than they will with AK). Post flop I love the lead bet. Also love the 3b. Not loving the fact that we shut it down with the nuts after that. When the villain 4-bets his range is very strong, at worse a hand like KQ that he's overplaying, but most likely 2 pair+, and I doubt he is ever 4b/folding a strong hand, so it is definitely best to get his stack in the middle right now before a scary looking turn card kills your action (like a 9 for example). Now you can't get his stack any more. Any time you have the nuts, and your opponent figures to have a very strong 2nd best hand, get the monies in right away while they are sure to give the action. That way you'll avoid missing out on the value of the situation. umbup: Dave
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        Thanks guys.

        I forgot it wouldnt show his mucked hand in the replayer but he had hit a set (T's) on the flop and wasnt going to be going anywhere with that.

        I guess I was just a little shot shy after my previous days trading when getting all the money in lost me all the money. It's still the +ev thing to do of course. I just need to believe in my judgement a bit more.

        Thanks again.



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