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5 NL ZOOM set on monotone flop

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  • 5 NL ZOOM set on monotone flop

    No reads on opps. I honestly believe this hand played itself (for me). Was there better alternative? Moved up from 2 NL recently, so $5 feels like a lot of money. Player with TT clearly was on tilt but what about guy with bottom set? Was it a cooler for him or misplay? I am asking because folding any set feels so hard regardless of the flop. P.S. I have violated the rule about not posting results because opp's hand is more interesting here imho.

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    Not really sure I like your flop overbet jam, it's almost 2 x the size of the pot. You're making it really hard to get value from hands that are in terrible shape, like AK without a heart, or AhQx, and giving no one a chance to make a move. Probably bet more like 2/3rds of the pot on the flop, and it sets up a nice turn shove bet size.

    The guy tilting is nice, and an argument for betting big for sure, but if he monkeyed his stack in for 2 x the pot this light, imagine how light he'd get it in facing only a 2/3rds pot bet, he might actually check-raise jam all in on a bluff with hands that are drawing almost dead.

    I think the 44 played fine, especially if he recognized the TT guy was tilting. Your overbet shove looks like you're "protecting" against the single Ah or have AhAx/AhKx yourself, so he's obviously ahead of the AhX hands and is only behind KK in the "protection" category. If the TT guy were a nit or very conservative player, when he calls the huge overbet jam I think bottom set is a begrudging fold, as in that case a nitty guy will either have the flush already or have a bigger set the vast majority of the time.
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      After sleeping couple of hours shove def looks like scared money to me
      Back to 2 NL then.
      Thanks for the advice.


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        Have you got the correct br for 5NL?

        That would be $100 you can take a shot for 4 stacks and if you get back to $80 you should move back down.

        If you have a big enough bankroll then the more you play and win some, the more comfortable you'll get.



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