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  • Zoom Full Ring AK

    No reads, should I raise or call?

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    So tough without reads. About all we know for sure is the first caller is fishy since he's on a shorter stack and not raising to isolate from this position with a hand he considers playable. The guy 3-betting looks very strong to me... it's a nice spot for him to isolate on the fishy cold caller but he's got to raise bigger to do this, his 3b sizing screams for action. Obviously with reads we could do better, but this is how it looks to me with what we have.

    I think people overplay AK in spots like this... if we 4b I think we have to go with it (really not liking 4b/folding AK pre), but the problem is the few times everyone is light (probably rare) we simply fold them out, we also fold out AQ with this action, and we end up getting it in bad. The 3-bettor's likely get it in range is like TT+ and AK, to which we are a 60-40 dog, not to mention we're even worse off in the "flips" being a small underdog normally, but in this case quite possible that one or both of the other players have some of our ace and king outs in their hands. And he may not be 3-betting anything lighter given the bet sizing screams give me action.

    So I prefer to call in position, understanding we may have to fold a fair bit when we miss, but we can also get some good float opportunities being in position, and if we outflop the 3-bettor our hand is disguised a bit (if he does have a hand like AQ, and it's an ace high flop, we are probably getting a double up since we didn't 4b, he will think he's good quite often).

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      I don't think it's a choice between raise or call, I think it's a choice between raise or fold.

      If you flat call, chances are the original raiser and the flat caller are going to come along, as well as the possibility of the blinds. I dont really want to play AKo 4-way+

      In this I would raise to $0.36. Lots of things could happen, but I think the 2 most likely scenarios are:

      The shortstack flat caller shoves and will be reasonably weak, the shortstack makes him look fishy, and then the raiser will either call or fold, probably fold.

      Or everyone folds apart from the raiser who flats, and your in position for the rest of the hand.

      Even if the raiser shoves over your $0.36 you have to call $1.69 to make a pot of $4.22 and you have to be good 40% of the time for the call to be +ev. So the opponents range has to be JJ+, AKo & AKs, for it to be a breakeven play. If he can have any other cards in his hand apart from these then its a +ev call.
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